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hey guys, well this is just an update on my other posts. Well, my other posts were related to this boy that we have been talking for a month now. We talk every day for like 3 to 4 hours. We get along very well. Anyway, my other posts have to do with me likeing hiim and if it might turn to love and all these things. well this is just an update that we spoke to eachother last night and he told me that he really liked me. he was telling me that he was developing feelings for me. he said that when he spoke to his ex gf he said that he doesnt feel the same way. his brother is telling him that i might b the one for him. that he should cum over here again for graduation. idk its crazi and his mom said dto see if i was the one. also his dad asked for me and asked if i called him. and since i am always taling to him then u know that means that i really care about im, wits i do. i really really like him and i told him and hes like omg u frive me crazy. im like how i do that hes like u just such a beautiful person. it just makes me fall in love. lol


sori if this bores u this is just and update.

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This is what I posted on your other thread:


The most healthy mindset is sort of what you said but then you stepped away from it - all you know of him is what he says on the phone and what he types on a screen.


You don't know for example -how he treats others in public, if he makes eye contact with you or with others, what his body language/vibes are like, whether you two will be attracted to each other in person, how he is around his friends when you are there, what his friends are like in person, what he is like when he had a bad day, a great day, etc. How he will treat you in person and what it would feel like to hold his hand. The list goes on and on.


It is very easy to think that someone you have never met in person is this amazing person (in a butterflies/romantic sense) - like someone you've never met before - because you don't have to have the experience of interacting with that person in person and so both of you know that if things get a little rough or you get bored, the phone can be hung up and goodbye. Once you know someone in person over time and you are dating consistently, it's not so easy as that most of the time - you've become involved in each other's lives in person, you spend time together in person, etc.


I would not meet him under circumstances where his brother "makes him" come up for graduation. If he is so into you as he says, he should be motivated on his own to make the effort and make the plans in advance with you to meet you. The rest is just sweet talk which again is lovely but without actions to back it up it's not too meaningful.


And, finally, treat the first meeting as just that - a first meeting with someone who is virtually a stranger to see if possibly you click so that you should go out on a real date. To protect yourself, it's a good idea not to have expectations that just because you enjoy talking by phone that you will click in person.

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I completely agree with Batya. Do *not* allow yourself to get so emotionally wrapped up in this person-- and especially do not call him your boyfriend or say that you love him-- until you have actually spent some time with him in person. It's okay to call him your friend and to care for him in that way, and if you do end up having some romantic feelings for him, that may be inevitable to some extent. But you just have to keep in mind that there is so much about him you don't know, and you may not be compatible romantically in person. Please, be careful.

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