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Relapse after bad incident

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So to make a long story short,


5 months no contact


Found out she moved


Flipped out


Cursed at each other, talked cried, she was being a hypocrite, i was mean, blah blah blah .



anyway that was weeks ago and my brain is ONCE AGAIN on auto pilot. Forcing thoughts of her and the pain out of my head, crying again, feeling those "just broke up" feelings all over again.

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I feel ya Dig


I found out my EX was going Travelling to OZ for a Whole year and only bought a one way ticket!!!


This freaked me out BIG time, I felt like you back to square one, but I emailed her and wished her well


never did I curse or give her any idea I was sick to the stomach wanting to curl up and die


I told her I was happy for her


let her go mate!


you can't change what has happened you can't control your EX!


Let go of all the bitterness anger and pain! Wish her well in life!


letting all this go will help you get on in your life, you are the one you have to worry about now no one else!



Have a read on this forum what I sent to my EX after finding out she was leaving the country


Its under Healing after a breakup and title is Just found out my EX is going travelling for a year my reply email is on page 3 or 4

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Not to sound insensitive, but I never understood why people flip out over their exes moving away. Personally I wish most of my exes would move to a different country, that way I wouldn't have to run into any of them.


The latest ex will be moving to sweden for a month come july and I couldn't be happier! It'll make NC a lot easier.

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do you know what i realized? i realize WHY people KEEEEP hurting after breakups, and that's because they keep re-living the good and bad times and forcing themselves to believe that someday, somehow, you guys will end up happy and together again. [you can try and deny this but somewhere in ur mind, its probably true] just DROP THAT THOUGHT!!! and no, it isnt really easier said than done. i wish i had someone to tell me this when i was going thru hell. one day ull wake up an drealize she/he isnt worth it, and NO you guys wont get back together but in the end, the world is still round and u will live, and it will be okay.


in the meantime, keep urself busy and just relaxxxxx. smoke a blunt. haha jk, but just relax

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