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Ok Guys I have a ?


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I have headrushes followed by headaches a lot. Not after sex (I tend to not want to get up afterwards haha), it happens mostly when I get up after a long time and in a sudden manner. It has to do with bloodpressure and can be related to being tired (not too strange after the kind of sex you had ). If I am really tired, it even happens when I stretch during work (yawn and stretch).


Don't worry and cuddle after sex instead of getting up

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I get headrushes all the time, I actually quite like them, lol Just moving too quickly that does it, and the fact that you were...ahem...exerting yourselves slightly probably contributes a lot. I've had headrushes from bending down to get the shampoo much rather it was from sexytimes, but there we go, not all as lucky as you



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This sounds similar to when you stand up to quickly after sitting/lying down, because of a blood rush to the head. Since this happened after sexual activity, the effect was more pronounced since there was already less blood circulating to the head. That's my opinion, as a humble, first (going on second) year biology major.

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