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Uncomfortable Kegels


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I have heard from various sources how important Kegel, or pelvic floor, exercises are, particularly for minimising the effects of natural childbirth on post-birth continence. I have to admit I manage to forget to do them most days, and when I do do them I get pretty bored!


I hear a variety of numbers I should be doing, from 30/day to a couple of hundred. If I remember, I'll do 30 or so at once, once a day or so.


Thing is, they leave a feeling in my stomach/uterus that I really don't like. Can't explain it well, it varies from a mild, shooting pain, to a general feeling of discomfort and "don't do that". It's not the muscles themselves, it's my uterus that is responding poorly.


I know I am doing them correctly, or at least with the correct muscles. It's possible I could be using too much of my stomach muscles as well, not sure. I have had a pain-free, trouble-free pregnancy so far (at 20 weeks now) and this is the one thing I do that sends warning messages through my system that it's bad for me and the baby.


I asked the woman who works for my obstetrician (he is away and I also forgot to ask him last week) and she said if my body tells me not to do it, then don't do it.


I can find absolutely nothing on the internet to explain what might be happening, except the suggestion I might be using some of my stomach muscles. Has anyone any insight they can share?

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I've never heard of that. It could be your muscles are fatigued from being as far along as you are. You might try checking if you are doing them right, sorry if this is a little odd sounding, but try squeezing your finger, you should feel the muscle contractions. If you don't you might be using the wrong muscle group.

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Listen to your doctor.


Okay well this is kinda weird to talk about. But during pregnancy these muscles get stretched out before you even go into labor. Probably around 20 weeks. You can tell because sometimes when you sneeze, uh, you have to be careful not to pee your pants.


I personally did them all the time until I had my baby (and after of course!) and I was happy I did. Don't overdo it or anything. I heard you should do "sets" of ten or so a few times a day.

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Only 10 a time BTR? That might be more bearable, will see. I also think I might have been clenching my stomach a little at the same time.


CB, thanks, I am sure I have the right muscles but I might also have used more than I needed to.


I had no idea the muscles got a little weary this far in, but have to admit to having one slightly awkward sneezing moment a week or so ago . TMI!

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I can find absolutely nothing on the internet to explain what might be happening, except the suggestion I might be using some of my stomach muscles. Has anyone any insight they can share?


As for the pain in your uterus- you are probably experiencing ligament pain. Your uterus is stretching and growing, and it can feel uncomfortable at times. See link removed

The kegels may have the same effect as a sudden movement does.


Throughout my pregnancy I've had the following:


*cramps (in the first trimester)

* a heavy feeling in my uterus- and just being more aware that it is there in general (this happened from about 12 weeks- quickening)


*shooting ligament pains, especially if I moved too fast- twisting or turning- this happened a lot in the second trimester.


*most recently, in the 3rd trimester: Braxton Hick's contractions- which are not painful but uncomfortable- it makes your uterus feel very tight, as if it's squeezing the baby.

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I wondered if it was ligament pain Bella, but believe it's probably not. Not that I can be sure, but the feelings I have had that sounded like round ligament pain have been different. The ligament pain was like I had a picture frame over my abdomen, and when I twisted, coughed/sneezed at a funny angle etc, the bottom corners of the picture frame felt twisted and sent pains through me.


This uterus pain is different, it's not at the edges, it through my middle, and it's deep into me, like where the baby is. It feels wrong and unnatural. I have started to have it a bit more recently - I had it last night a couple of times, shooting pains inside me. It worries me, but it doesn't last (the pain that is). I assume all is okay, I have not had lasting cramps, bleeding etc, and last week's ultrasound and baby check showed all was fine...


Does this sound like Braxton Hicks to you? I have no idea what that feels like...You said no pain though.


I might just steer clear of anything but minimal Kegels until I next see the ob, which is in 5 weeks.

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Actually I have done some more googling under "stabbing pain" and "pregnancy" and a couple of sites have said it's not just the lower "corners" of the abdomen that can hurt, later in pregnancy it can be through the groin.


Assuming I know where my groin is (not necessarily a safe assumption ) maybe that's it. Maybe it wasn't even the Kegels that were the fundamental problem, but my irritating a current ligament pain flareup. I've been getting the stabbing pains again today (just 5 mins worth, twice) and they are not excruciating, just...well, stabbing pains. I will watch how I go but assume in the meantime it's ligament pain.

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Sounds similar to the after orgasm cramps during pregnancy. Those also feel similar to contractions...it's quite scary. Although the docs say it's perfectly normal.


I think it's a good idea to do less at a time...focus more next time and see if you are in fact squeezing some of those tummy muscles too...

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