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  1. Pretty much, being a prostitute is NOT an easy job. These women put themselves at risk everyday.
  2. men who pay for sex aren't looking for love. they just want sex. Many people have a hard time distinguishing between the two.
  3. Or perhaps she is jelous because the escort selling her body makes more money then she does.
  4. Huhhh??? they should be in the streets? instead of selling themselves? that makes no sense.
  5. OH PLEASE!! get over it! It was 5 years ago for bloody crying out loud and he did it ONCE and to top it off he was honest enough to even tell her! did he ask her about her sexual past? does he care? Would it be better if he told her he has had loads of night stands? he only did it ONCE and yes my girlfriend is a very open minded and accepting individual. She is aware of my past and is fine with it. She likes me for who I am and does not judge me for things I did YEARS AGO That's what makes her open minded 'And the problem with prostitution is that in most states it is illegal. So it is not just a human being trying to make a living - it is a person committing a crime and also spreading disease just to make money." Marajuana and underage drinking are also illegal but that still doesn't stop people from doing it. Not everyone follows the laws I'm afraid. The number one killer in America is not an STD They're companies that make certain types of drugs, food also ciggerettes and they ALL cause disease no one is planning to toss them in the slammer.
  6. "and a small percentage do it for the money, because they are too lazy to get the training etc. for a good job..." Too lazy? She is still making a living and providing a service. I have more respect for a prostitute then I do for my co-worker who quite her job and went on welfare so taxpayers could support her.
  7. Probably a good idea NOT tell your future partners you've slept with prostitutes It's called LYING However my girlfriend is aware of the fact that I's gone to prostitutes in the past she's fine with it. then again my gf is much more open minded.
  8. I am very selective about the sexworkers I'm going to spend my money on If they get good reviews What I look for is that they are attractive (obviously they need to be if they want any bussiness) if they got good reviews wern't clock watchers and were locatated in a good area I'll visit them and a good escort is like a good cigar I'm willing to travel
  9. Luke Skywalker, I understand where you are coming from, Yes, I HAD a wife LOL a friend once said "you don't truly pay for sex until you are married" My ex and I a lot of problems throughout our marriage and there were times where she didn't want to touch me. I can tell you right now that was very ego damaging. Heck I was tempted to go to a hooker while I was married! but I didn't start visiting sexworkers til after my divorce. and My friend did have to pay he took her out to dinner several times. this girl wasn't exactly stable there was a lot of drama in the relationship. For me visiting sexworkers is just liberating and covenient I don't look at is as an alpha male ego thing i look at it as a service im paying for. but that's just how I look at it I guess. I'm not telling you to go the hooker route. Your prespective and circumstances aree different then mine So telling you to go to a hooker would be rather presumptious.
  10. I guess it all depends on your prespective and mindset. It maybe "disgusting" to lose your virginity to a hooker but whose to say it wouldn't be to lose it to a stranger? or a girlfriend? My friend lost his virginity at 25, and he also said it was disgusting but he didn't lose it to a hooker. He lost it to some woman he met online. For me it was never about power or humiliation or lowering my worth as man because I had to "pay for it" or all that man's phyce stuff. I never bought into that and never will. I was horny and I just didn't have the time to date women. After my divorce, I wasn't too excited about reentering the dating scene anyway. I wasn't interested in another long term relationship and I can't stand bars and clubs. so sexworkers seemed like the most appealing choice. It's something I don't do regularly but my experiences have been pretty positive.
  11. No you don't know me and I never asked if I could sleep with you. However you can keep telling yourself that if it will boost your ego. You can lecture me about respect and women's rights You can feel sorry for me all you want. Fact is I don't have to justify myself to you. I'm not asking for your approval and I certainly don't need it. cheers
  12. LOL Struck a nerve did I? There is no need to be so defensive. I never called you a prostitute. A prostitute provides sex in exchange for money. It's a service it's as simple as that.
  13. The point asul100 is trying to make is the same one I've been making It's never for free. Men pay for it one way or another. The only difference is that a prostitute is upfront about it and you can't fault her for her intentions because she's just making a living. Luke Skywalker, I agree prostitutes they're not for everyone. I'm not suggesting that every man should visit one However, I don't believe its wrong for a man to visit one. and I certainly wouldn't blame a guy for going to one. We all have needs and going to a prostitute will not turn you into some dehumanizing animal. It all depends on many factors whether or not the experience of going to a prostitute is going to be enjoyable. the sexworker, the client, chemistry, etc. Some people morally object to it others are apalled or uncomfortable by the idea of going to a hooker. Heck, Some men are uncomfortable purchasing a playboy in a store let alone going to a hooker. to each their own. I've vistited escorts in the past. Some experiences were more pleasurable then others.
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