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Thread: Is he not interested anymore?

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    Is he not interested anymore?

    My long distance boyfriend suddenly started ignoring me for a week. Everything was just fine before he started ignoring me. He did cheat on me in the past, so is he possibly cheating on me again, or has he lost interest? I am going nuts trying to figure it out. I may not speak to him again if he is cheating again.

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    Have you been attempting to make contact and he's just not responding? How long have you been dating? If my SO ignored me reaching out for a week with no prior warning, he would be single unless he had a very, very good excuse.

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    LDR is based on communication and trust. You have neither. Unless something very bad has happened (hospital etc) then he shouldn't just ignore you. That's not a relationship. Try to contact one more time and explain how it make a you feel. If he doesnt respond or have an appropriate response then move on.

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