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Thread: I miss him

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    Nov 2013

    I miss him

    I miss my dog so dang much. The pain has gotten better, but I still have moments where I begin crying, usually the crying spell is triggered by a memory. It's so quiet without him. Like tonight, I remembered the SWIPE. Yes, the loud "swipe" on my bedroom or bathroom door followed by his entrance. I wasn't allowed to close any doors and he'd let himself in by a dramatic swipe and door push. My doors have claw marks to prove this 😂. I miss his big brown eyes looking up at me. I miss hearing him cry and whine, even though it was sooo obnoxious. Yep, I created a monster out of him (a cute monster). He got to the point where he demanded a treat, even if he just had a treat. And he'd let out this obnoxious whine/cry until he got another treat. Five minutes later, the cycle would start over. He knew I'd give in because the whining was really annoying!!He was deaf and blind in one eye when this began and I think he milked it for what it was worth. As soon as I'd get up to get him a treat, he'd start spinning in place near the kitchen. Ahh.

    So many memories. Ohh, another memory: He went through college with me, several apartments, a few boyfriends, buying my first home, launching of my career, and so much more. I always stayed up late at night/early morning to study while in college and I slept in late during mornings. He became used to this schedule because he was never a "morning dog" - he despised getting up before 9-10 am his entire life. And he always "came alive" at night.

    Oh, Lord, help me. I miss him so much tonight that it hurts. I can't wait to see him again someday. I do hope that all dogs go to heaven. My mom jokes that he was so spoiled and therefore obnoxious, that he may be spending some time in purgatory first lol!

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    I still think about my Mocha 4 years on. His collar is on his favorite toy on my night stand. It sounds like your boy was very lucky to have spent his entire life with such a loving owner.

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    Ohhhh. I'm so sorry. I do hope they are in heaven to greet us!!

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    Feb 2015
    Jennylove, pets are our children, it is only natural you would be missing him and still cry sometimes. You nailed it when you mention all the things he had been through with you. They help us through such trying times.

    Yes, all dogs (and cats) do go to Heaven, IMO.


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    Jul 2008
    I know how you feel jennylove, it's unbearable at times. Your still greaving and it takes time, but you will probably have moments throughout your life, where a memory is triggered. I do and my girls have been gone 4 and 2 years and I still miss them, more than words can say.

    What helped and still helps me, is when I have a memory triggered and I feel myself welling up, just let it happen and then I say to them, I'm still here and I miss you still and will always love you.

    He knows you are still here and he is probably looking down on you, from heaven and smiling, that one day, he will see you again and will be waiting for you, when you get to the gates of heaven.

    Big hugs. X

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