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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Is His Perfection a False Precedence?

    Every morning I would wake up and be filled with the same joy. My life seemed so perfect and my future so bright. I was surprised and completely enamored when I met the love of my life. We were two peas in a pod, two ships passing in the night with more similarities than differences. We were connected on a spiritual level and it felt like we had known each other our entire lives. I didn’t know that he held a tragic secret and that I was being dragged further and further down the rabbit hole.

    At first, things were blissful, but I started to notice that his occasional bouts of distraction weren't as sporadic as I'd originally thought. My fiancé became more and more distracted and quiet as time progressed and wouldn’t tell me about what was bothering him. I wanted to support him, but he just pushed me away. Even when I pry, he closes off like a book under lock and key. His voice lowered and became almost regretful when he said he couldn't tell me.

    My questions only increased when I started to see signs of foul play from his family. Through out-of-context scrapbook pictures or a phone screen left open, I started to put the pieces together. Then came a call one night from his older brother who cryptically asked us to keep some sort of secret safe and tucked away. My heart dropped at his words. Suddenly, his behavior made sense.

    I protested, but ultimately accepted their decision to remain silent. I foolishly thought I could help keep them safe without any repercussions. But I was wrong. No matter how low I tried to stay under the radar, I quickly became involved. His behavior deteriorated and his faith in his family became twisted. He told me they couldn't be trusted, but I thought they were desperately trying to protect them. He won't let me near, as if he’s trying to protect me, too.

    This isn't the life I wanted for myself. I'm constantly questioning what I should do, but I'm afraid of creating bigger fallout if I speak out. Is this a red flag that his perfection in so many ways is covering up a major family coverup? Is there any hope for the love we have or is this a potential deal breaker in the long run?

    My world has been slowly unraveling since this story has come to light and I'm left uncertain of my fate. Should I stay or should I go? Do I remain in the dark or take a stand for the truth? I'm in desperate need of answers, but I'm stalled on the edge of a cliff with nowhere to turn.

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