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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Dealing With a Cranky Stay-At-Home Partner Who Wants Time To Be Undisturbed

    It is a difficult situation when the stay-at-home man’s wife says “I just want some time in my home undisturbed”. Home should be a place of comfort, safety and nurturing for couples and families, and it can be devastating for a partner when their companion does not feel these feelings at home. It can be hard for a stay-at-home man to know exactly what to do when their partner isn’t feeling comfortable or secure at home.

    In order to try to understand the cause of the discomfort, start by asking your partner questions to determine what is causing them stress. Finding out the details of why they may want some time alone could point to areas that need to be addressed. Is your partner needing more freedom in the relationship? Are there unresolved disagreements that are causing tension? Are they feeling smothered by too much time with you? Are there external pressures that have been weighing on them? Taking the time to have an honest dialogue with your partner is essential in uncovering the cause.

    Once the source of tension has been determined, then there are a few solutions that can help provide relief. The first one is simply living in harmony. When the underlying issue is lack of free-will in the relationship or having a disliking of being scrutinized, the goal is to offer reassurance to your partner and allow them to develop trust. Offer respect, reinforce your admiration and support, and give unconditional love. Remember that being overly controlling can be stifling to a person’s spirit and will diminish any mutual understanding or openness between you.

    The second solution is attempting activities as a couple that promote balance in the relationship. Engage in shared interests like attending classes, going to sporting events, or pursuing a hobby together. Spending quality time together will strengthen your bond and reestablish trust. Going out in nature and having conversations away from the hustle and bustle of daily life will help foster intimacy.

    A third potential solution is seeking outside help if needed. If your partner does not feel supported in their home life, counseling can provide them with the tools to overcome emotional obstacles. When a partner feels disconnected from their spouse, talking to a neutral third party who is trained to listen and guide can be worthwhile.

    It is important to remember that each couple is unique and that there is no single approach to resolving issues. That said, we all want to show love and support to our partners, and by doing so, create a truly supportive home environment.

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