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    Steven Robinson

    Signs That a Dog Has Imprinted on Their Human

    It’s a special moment when a person and their dog share a unique bond – one of complete trust and devotion. But how can you tell if your pup has imprinted on you? The following signs should help you distinguish if your four-legged friend has developed a strong emotional attachment to you, their human.

    If your pup is constantly happy to see you, then they’re likely attached to you. Whenever you come through the door, no matter how long you’ve been away, your pup will jump up and down in joy with a fabled wagging tail. If a classic greeting isn’t quite so classic anymore – it may be because your pup loves to welcome you home as soon as possible.

    When it comes to finding comfort, your canine pal will look towards you whenever they need a pick-me-up. Unfamiliar situations or experiences can be scary for pets, and your dog may let you know by cuddling up close or hindering onto your lap. Your presence can bring a calming reminder that everything will be okay – and that you’ll get through any challenging roadblocks together.

    Another surefire sign is attention-seeking behaviours. Although most of us believe our pets bark and whine for no reason at all, it’s actually a cry for companionship and love. Whether it’s for a walk, playtime, or just tender loving care, don’t be surprised to hear some vocal demands from your pup. After all, an inseparable bond means they’re not afraid to voice their desires.

    The strongest sign of bonding is loyalty. A canine cohort will continuously demonstrate their unwavering devotion, even when times are tough. This type of attachment won’t waver or die, even if you relocate, or grandma takes over the reigns of puppy duties on the weekend. With an intense sense of affection, although it’s mutual, it’s clear who the favoured pawsome companion is.

    When a pup has a strong bond and connection with someone, there is no limit for the unconditional love and devotion that it can give. If your fur-baby exhibits these signs then nature has done its job – it’s likely that your dog has imprinted on you! As a result, you both have formed a powerful human-animal bond – one that won’t ever break.

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