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another one bites the dust


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In a previous thread I detailed the illness and death of our black kitty.  She died in early August and right about the same time I noticed our male cat was losing weight and felt bony.  Took him to the vet, turned out he had "fatty liver."  Went on medication but at 14 years old (same age as our cat that had just died) I could tell we were just prolonging things at best.  He still wasn't eating.  If you've ever tried to force-feed a cat . . . yeah.

He held steady for a while, then a couple of days ago he declined suddenly and rapidly, and late at night he was so weak we decided we were going to have to take him to the after hours emergency vet and have him put down.  It's a good half hour to 45 minutes away and about halfway there he died.  We (my youngest kid was with me) continued on and when we got there we had them make sure he was really gone.  He was.  But then we had to take him back home with us because since they hadn't put him down, we were responsible for making arrangements.  We like to do the clay paw prints, so I spent some time today calling around and found a place I can take him and they will do the cremation and paw print.  Doing it Wednesday after hours (for an extra fee, of course).

In the meantime he is in a bag in the refrigerator in my basement.  

My life . . . I swear. 😐

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I’m sorry Waffle,


I will always remember, my Aunty took on 4 wild cats that had been living in an abandoned factory that was due to be knocked down. She came to my Mum at the time and asked her to take on two of the kittens. We had them all through my childhood - they were 19 years and 18 years when they died and the night the first one went I remember hearing my Mum sobbing downstairs. I just listened on the landing above.


Pets become part of the family don’t they 😌


Take it easy,



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I'm sorry waffle.  😪

Our Golden Retriever collapsed on our garage floor as soon as we came home from her routine evening walk.  We took our beloved man's / woman's best friend to the 24 hour vet hospital to have her euthanized at age 14.  Her tumor on her liver / spleen hemorrhaged which is very common for most dogs regardless of breed.  It ranks up there as one of the saddest days of my life and for months thereafter.  It's hard to talk about.  She was calm, quiet, brilliantly intelligent, exercised supreme self control and Guide Dog caliber. 

Losing our furry friends feels worse than losing people.  Why?  Because dogs never bite me,  just humans.  ☹️

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Thanks for all the kind words.

I know some of the problem is the fact that my oldest daughter--the one who was murdered a couple years back--named both of these cats.  And they are very distinctive names too, I would be very surprised if anyone else has ever had a cat named these particular names.

I also have pictures of her with both of these cats.  One--the one that just died--was a "prop" for her senior pictures!  The other one--the all black one--I took a picture of her with that cat after the senior picture sitting was done.  I am so glad to have these pictures today!

At any rate, this seems like just one more piece of her that's gone. 😞

This is a pic of the two cats, taken several years ago.  The all-black one on the right is the one that died back in August and she was our OC (Original Cat).  The tiger-striped one on the left is the male cat that died last week, and he was our first stray.  We still have one more stray that we took in about 7 years ago, a female Calico, and also my mother's cat that I inherited when she died 4 years ago.  I think we'll keep just the two for now, I'm in no hurry to get back up to four cats. :D  But our calico cat seems kind of sad, like she knows her friends aren't coming back. 

They were great additions to our family, and lots of fun, and they are already missed.  



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