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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    The Underrated Qualities of Irreverence

    The world has made many fundamental changes in recent years. We can see signs of progress and development in all areas, from the economy to technology to the workplace. However, there is one element of our collective behavior that is often overlooked—irreverence. I believe that irreverence is one of the most underrated human qualities.

    Too often, we are taught to respect authority, follow procedure, and avoid anything that may be perceived as inappropriate or out of line. We are taught to be polite and well-mannered, to comply with societal norms, and to not make waves. Yet, when we think about the individuals who have made a significant impact in the world and changed the course of history for the better, it becomes clear that their sense of irreverence was what gave them their edge. From Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr., these individuals demonstrated an undeniable level of boldness and courage which ultimately enabled them to challenge existing systems and push boundaries.

    Moreover, for change to happen within a society or organization, it is essential to have a sense of irreverence—to open ourselves up to questioning the status quo and considering alternative ways of doing things. It is only through this act of responsive disobedience that we can create constructive chaos, which then leads to true innovation and forward momentum. By exercising our right to challenge rules and patterns, those with a sense of irreverence are able to enact real change and help shape the future we want to see.

    It is also important to recognize that having a sense of irreverence does not necessarily require us to be impolite or offensive; rather, it simply requires us to question things that we might otherwise take for granted. It involves being able to recognize the limitations of certain conventions and frameworks, while still being willing to express ourselves in unconventional ways when appropriate. A sense of irreverence is thus much more than just a disruption of societal norms; it is also a form of creativity and self-expression.

    I firmly believe that having a sense of irreverence should not be taken for granted or overlooked; instead, it should be nurtured and celebrated as an essential part of our humanity. By embracing irreverence and using it as a tool for positive transformation, we can bring fresh perspectives to bear on existing conditions and create the kind of environments where true progress can thrive.

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