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    Paula Thompson

    Confronting Infidelity: What a Wife Should Do When a Husband Is Unfaithful

    Finding a compromising photo of your significant other can be devastating. It shakes the trust between the two of you, leaving your relationship suddenly in upheaval. That was the reality for one wife who must now try to decide what to do when a she discovers her husband has acted out of fidelity.

    The wife's experience is an all too common one for those in a long-term relationship. It happens every day, and there are honest, open conversations that need to take place if the relationship is going to survive. However, any dialogue will have to wait until the first step, figuring out the best way for the wife to handle her vulnerable state of mind.

    One way to start would be for the wife to forgive and forget, though it might sound impossible at first. This approach allows the wife to release any resentment she may have towards her husband and instead focus on working through the issue together as a couple. If done wisely and honestly, this approach can create an opportunity for healing and understanding.

    The wife has another option, however: She can take a break. This might involve certain boundaries, such as taking a physical and mental break from her husband, which both partners should know are nonnegotiable. That step could buy the wife some much-needed time to reflect on her marriage and her own emotions. The idea is that if the wife can gain a better understanding of her feelings and the complexities of the situation, she'll be better equipped to make an informed decision.

    Once the wife feels prepared to make a decision, she needs to exhaust all options before jumping to divorce. After discussions where both parties listen attentively to each other’s points of view, couples counseling can help each party express themselves and understand why the incident occurred in the first place. In some cases, a spouse may require outside help to learn how to navigate the issues brought up in marriage.

    Finally, if the wife decides there is no way to revive the relationship, then a divorced should be considered. Even if it feels like the only route, it should be approached with understanding and respect so that each party can move on peacefully.

    When a wife finds a compromising photo of her husband, it’s normal to feel devastated. However, the wife must not let the hurt get the better of her. Instead, she needs to take the time to learn about her own feelings, speak openly with her husband about the incident, and, when the time is right, bring in a therapist to guide the dialogue. And if all else fails, divorce is an option.

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