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being threatened... scared...

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For a little history...

This guy sean, who i've known for some time... We've never really gotten along at all. So we kind of avoided eachother as much as possible and there were no big troubles... Well lately, things with him and my girlfriend (they used to go out and were good friends after that) were getting pretty bad and he made some bad mistakes and lost her friendship...


I tried to point is mistakes out but he pushed the fact that he was the one who was right and everyone else i wrong...


I sometimes talk abotu him behind his back, but pretty much everyone does anyways. I don't really care, but he deserves it for how much he's hurt people int he past.


so 2 weeks went by and today i get this note from him... Reading as follows:




If I am to be judged as a controlling government. When a group will not listen to reason, or listen to logic. Then physical force must be used. It is not condoned, but sometimes must be used. Certain individuals need to learn that words and actions have consequences. Certain individuals need to be taught respect. I shall be the teacher if I have to.


You can not liberate those who do not want or need liberation.


Nothing is secret, nothing is safe. No one is untouchable.


Run Brad for you are not safe or untouchable. Run If I see you… If I hear from, about you again, talking about me positive or negative. There will be extreme consequences. Last warning. I've never wanted to hit anyone, I've never been suspended. Don't make me make exceptions just for you.


No more warnings

No one will save you next time you chose to continue your actions… you agree to my terms.

Then your alone.


This is your last chance to walk away without making

An enemy. Last Chance




P.S. Your going to laugh this off to feel big. But I'm serious you need to decide between your pride and your face.



Obviously my safety is being threatened here... I don' tknow what to do. Can i press charges against him? If so, what charges? From now on i'll be ignoring him completely and not alking to him... If he choses to beat me up i'll charge him with assault but until then what can I do from getting my but kicked.....


Just lookign for advice and help... I'm really scared...


- Brad

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Two things if your safety is being threatened then do whatever is necessary to protect your safety.


If you have evidence that your safety is being threatened ie telephone message or a letter then call the police. Have them file a protection agreement on you restraining order if possible. Even if that means that the guy threatening you gets transfered to another school then by all means you need to do it before something happens like what happened to those kids at the other school who got killed by another student in there school.



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Man, from the letter this guy wrote, he sounds like a retarded penguin, what you need to do is not worry, this guy sounds like hes watched too many movies, and like he said, nobodys untouchable, that meaning, he to can get his ass kicked, size never mattered, it's only deceiving, remember, he's only human, he bleeds the same as any other person.

If you really want to avoid a fight, don't call the cops, they'll only get in the way and make matters worse, deal with the situation, avoiding him is fine, next time he gets in your way, don't back down or show fear, because if you do, then he'll know he owns you. Trust me, I don't know how it is where your from, but here, they don't fight one on one, if you fight one of them, you fight all of them, i've had guys trying to kill me, this one guy tried to get friendly with me only so he could set me up for this other guy to stab me, these things happen, you can try to avoid it, but you might not always be able to do that, so when push comes to shove, (regardless of wheather or not you know how to fight) you'll will instinctivly know what to do, so avoid him, if he gets your face wanting to fight, try and talk your way out of it, if you can't, then fight him with everything you've got, don't give up, if he knocks you down, get up, if he punches you in the face, brush it off, everybody is capable of this, you just don't know it yet.

Nobody really knows what their capable of until they've experienced it.


P.S. and also, nobodys gonna get killed, this is something you can easly walk away from or dominate, the choice is yours.

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First off,

I'm sorry that you are in this predicament however understand that no letter of this sort no matter how long or short is to be taken lightly. Go to the authoritys with his letter and let them take matters into there own hands. Notes like that will not be tolerated after all of the things that have been happening world wide. If it is just a note to scare you, how about put some fear into his butt by letting the police handle it.


But taking your chances on this guy could mean your life. THESE DAYS YOU NEVER KNOW!!! So be on guard, watch your back, and by all means please turn that note in. I would even show it to my parents to let them know what is going on, just incase this guy pulls any funny stuff.


Make a few copies give it to the Dean, the police and your parents. THis guy could serve time for a letter like this.

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man im sorry about the situation your in, people today.....

i agree with the above posts, i think its awful that he has the sickening mind to even sit down and write something of such content, is he disturbded or something?

anyway if you can press charges then id do it now. dont put yourself in danger.

did he do this with your girlfriend when he went out with her? he seems a little possesive and under control of the situation!

anyway good luck and tell someone about it if you can, keep the letter and save your own back.


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