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Had to go to the Docs

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Its been over 4 months now since I lost the one I loved to someone else. I still see them about town etc. I was so tired of feeling bad, pretending to be happy etc that I hit a new low. I had to see the doc, it feels like I'm cheating but I'm absolutly exhausted.


He's put me on Prozac...I hear it takes a while to kick in. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this drug and this situation?

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I've been in a situation where nothing mattered, and i felt as though nothing was worth living for, it was a horrible experience and getting through it was'nt easy, through the help of researching myself and figuring out what i wanted and pushing myself to do these things, i grew out of that phase.

As far as drugs go, they don't help anyone, it's a temperary solution to ones problem, it'll feel good at first but if you ever experience this again, it'll will be twice as bad, this is coming for my personal stand point, i say, get off prozac, or any other kinda drug, fight it naturally, theres a way around everything, you might not see it yet, but you will, hope this makes sense to you.

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I disagree with SimplyComplicated. Sometimes you just cannot fight it on your own. The drugs help take the edge off and let you focus on the counseling, improving your life, and finding out what matters again.


Prozac and most other depression drugs take about 2 weeks to have much effect. They have to build up in your system so it may be 3-4 weeks before you are feeling a lot better. If you start having any strange side effects let your doc know. Some drugs just don't work well on certain people and they can try something else.


You do need to have some counseling though. The drugs don't make your life better all by themselves. Go see one that you are comfortable with and who can help you.

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i know where ur coming from i nearly went to the docs asking for medication, but didn't want to give my ex the satisfaction of putting me on drugs to get over her!!! also im scared of getting addicted to them..


i hope it makes u feel better and when u come off them ur better for it, i don't know enough about them really..


im at the same stage as u 4 months, and she has someone else now although i think its a rebound..


pm if u wanna chat as we seem at a smililar stage..we could help each other..



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hi mate,


i agree with avman - don't stigmatise medication just because there is a perception society does. i have been on lustral for a couple of months now (similar to proz.) & i'm not addicted and yes it has helped me. medication isn't a cure-all but it lifts you above the situation and empowers you to deal with what your going through in a logical manner, which i know is the hardest thing to do - especially when you've been hurt. believe me that clarity of thought is a wonderful thing to have, especially when you feel like your bouncing through one day to the next. the doc is there to help you not hurt you - have a little bit of faith in what they say & they will help you on and most importantly OFF the medication (don't cut it out without the docs advice - V.IMPORTANT!!!)


i found a little bit of strength through the medication which helped me through a nasty time, and with some of the fantastic people who gave me support through enotalone - i feel fighting fit (and a little bit wiser!), and moving on with my life to better places.


good luck mate & best wishes i'm sure alot of people on here are thinking the same.

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