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What happens when your on bedrest?


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My friend is seven months pregnant and I guess she was going into early labor. The doctor has put her on bedrest. What can she/ can't she do? I am sure her doctor went over this with her but I didn't want to bug her with a bunch of questions. Can she still go to class? Can she drive? Can she sit or does she have to lie down?


I am just really curious about this because I want to be there for her but I don't want to depress her by saying, hey why don't I come over and we can play game cube if she isn't even allowed to sit up!

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Honestly, I can't answer this very well. But my mother was on bedrest with my younger sister (for the full 9 months!) when I was 9/10, so I kind of remember some of it.


I remember she couldn't drive, she could be sitting up in bed, but I'm not sure if she could be sitting up in a chair and things. When my mom was on bedrest she just worked from home, so I'm not sure about the classes.


Sorry I'm not much more help but there's a tiny bit of info thrown out there.

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I had a friend who was on bedrest too...she had to either stay in bed or the couch...I know with her, she could sit. She was hyperactive though, and it drove her, (and her husband) crazy! I remember she had such an irritable uterus that when she was let off bedrest and she was far enough along..we went to the park and it did not take too much walking and jumping around to get her into labor. I am sure there are different levels of bedrest.

Why don't you ask her if she can play gamecube? I am sure she would totally appreciate someone spending time with her. How are you feeling btw?

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I'M feeling alright. I am just worried about my poor friend. Bedrest sounds like it sucks. I guess I should ask her if I can hand in her papers and stuff for her.


I am actually having some pretty hardcore backpain, ntm the crazy breast pain. I can't sleep because of it. I have been wearing a bra to bed to help with the breast pain but my back is unfixable as far as I know. I sleep with a pillow between my legs, don't know what else to do! I will ask my doc at my appointment next week.

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My back has been bothering me too- I assume it will only get worse as my belly gets bigger. I've found that stretching really helps, as well as sitting on a stability ball instead of the couch and rocking back and forth on the ball. It especially loosens your lower back.


Ask your guy for a massage - it will really help.


As for the bed rest- when most doctors prescribe it they really want to mom to stay off her feet as much as possible. If they realize she is not following it- they may recommend that she be admitted to the hospital....




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I was put on bedrest at the end of my pregnancy. It absolutely SUCKS! It was the worst because I was going through some hardcore nesting phase, and I couldn't clean ANYTHING!!


I was admitted into the hospital 3 times before that because I was having problems and then they finally put me on bedrest (that's why they ended up inducing me too, I was going into toxemia or however you spell it).


Basically, I couldn't do ANYTHING. Just literally stay in bed. I couldn't do laundry, I couldn't cook myself food, I could only drive to the doctors if I didn't have someone else to do it, nothing. Just from my bed/couch to the bathroom. That's it. It is so depressing and it drove me up the wall.


Why don't you go over to your friend's house? Maybe take her some food and some parenting magazines to keep her busy when you leave...bring some movies, stuff to keep her occupied. Chances are (if it was as bad as mine), she'd have to reluctantly tell you she can't come over and then sit there for hours wishing she could. It really, really sucks.

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Thanks guys. I just didn't want to bother her with a bunch of questions, I wanted some sort of idea of how immobile you actually are! I went over there this morning with the gamecube (we love mario party!) and food and a plate made up for her for dinner that she can just heat up (she lives alone). And I moved her microwave and minifridge into the living room so she has a station all there. Good call on the parenting mags. I'll rent her a bunch of movies too. I'm pretty immobile myself these days with the back pain and all, so we can totally just hang at her house alot.

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