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what can i do on the day?


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hi everyone, been with my guy for around 5 years now,over the lat few months we have had a few money problems,and we are just about geting by, i went through a period of about 5 months having no job at all (i was looking for a job in that time, on the internet,newspapers,job center, etc),he was basically paying for everything at that time.

i managed to find a part time job last month,and at present i am looking for full time.

It is my partners birthday on tuesday, and i am ashamed to say i do not have the money to get him anything, i do not get paid for another 3 weeks. I have spoken to him about it and he understands,he is fine with it, i just feel so bad. i have told him i will get him his present as soon as i get paid.

basically, can i do anything special for him on his actual birthday without any money? i love this guy a lot and want to give him the best birthday i can, thanks..

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Some may view this as a "typical guy" suggestion but here goes:


have sex !


I remember a funny definition called "Birthday sex" I read a while ago that went something along the lines of "Birthday sex is sexual activity primarily aimed at the benefit/pleasuring of the birthday partner and the usual acts of mutual reciprocation are put on hold"


It was meant as a joke but theres a lot of truth to that, if he's like just about any other guy if you give him a really good time in that department I think he'll remember it as one of his better birthdays, whether he got a present or not

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Well since the weather won't be good, you can plan some cool indoor activities. Like to add onto the dinner, make it an indoor picnic maybe. Or if you guys like the snow, go out and have a snowball fight or go sledding and then come in and warm up with hot chocolate.

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