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Cancelled plans


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i just wrote this to vent emotions so if you want to give advice to some one who actually needs it, click back.


hey, not really looking for some advice, just an outlet really. I feel super bummed out. and it's not even for a good reason. Me and my friends have an unspoken agreement that we always do stuff on friday evenings. On my way home i called them up to see what they were doing. they said "we're at the pub. We'll probably be here for a while yet...."

so i got home and got ready. I called them again when i was just about to leave. It went straight to answer phone so i called some people who were at the pub with them and was told they left about half an hour ago (which was 10 minutes after i spoke to them before).

I called my best friend about 15 minutes later and got through. He said that he was home and didnt want to do anything this evening. He said he was tired out and wanted to sleep. I mean that's all good and well but all my plans have just flown out the window. So now im stuck at home with my mum (who i cannot stand).

I cannot give a reason as to why i feel SOO angry or why i feel SOOO bummed out that i had to post here - I just know that i do. and i cant get rid of this feeling.

I know i should probably make some other plans with other friends but this has really put me in a depressed mood and i feel like being alone now.

i hate the way these things just effect me soo much. I think i have issues.

i havent felt this down in a while and it really angers me how much i depend on my friends. The truth is i dont know what i'd do without them. They, however, dont seem to have the same feelings. They have nice, full families which i envy sooo much. I have a mother who isnt here most of the time.


soz for wasting your time if you bothered to read this.

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Bring the power of your life back where it belongs, namely in your hands, you don't realise that you control your own life, if your friend cancelled go anyway, who knows who you wil meet? Or in other words




See how you are putting your life into the hands of others, hell you didn't need to stay at home with your mom just because of this, where is your backup plan, if plan A goes wrong, at least have thought of a plan B , if you get my drift.


Don't put your life on a halt when something goes wrong. Calculate the risks. And adapt to changes instead.

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I used to feel that way as a teenager. All I can tell you is it definitely gets better when you have your own place and own money and can make friends from all different circles. Best yet, even if plans are cancelled you'll probably welcome it most of the time because you'll look forward to a quiet night in your own home.

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