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How can i find a GUY??


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I broke with my ex nearly 8 month ago. We have been seing each other just for sex only, but then i had enough and broke up completely. so now i am stuck on my own for a few month and felling very lonely...i dnt know what to do, where to go and where to meet guys...

I am missing holding hands, going to the movies together and watching TV..all that stuff that b/f and g/f do..

I have been going out lately with my friends(girls) but still have no luck to find someone...may be i am looking in a wrong places?

Where is the best place to meet someone and how to make it look like that i am not acctually looking (' so people wont think that i am despaerate..Plz guys and girls tell me your opinion..?

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I would recommend submittibg a profile on link removed . it takes a little time, but hopefully, you'll net someone eventually. You can say whatever you want on those profiles. I would recommend posting an email address, that way you're not forcing the guy to pay. My girlfriend and I met like this and I have never been happier. You will find a good match if you take plenty of tests! Have fun, and good luck!

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I know you are lonely, but in my experience sometimes you have to stop and realize what you have. You are single-you don't have any one around to report to, worry about, get mad at when he wants to go out with his friends. I have realized that you just have to look at each situation with optimisism and live life to the fullest-you'll find someone else when the time is right! All things have a way of working themselves out. You probably need more time to get over your ex too! I know it took me a very long time to get over my last ex. I thought I was over her, but it took me over a year to get over it (and I was dating someone else, so that caused a few problems!). Best of luck-a new guy will come along soon!

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