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What to do for her birthday?

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So we have been seeing eachother casually for 10 months, but very serious for 4 months. We have every indication that we are going to be together for a very very long time. I am 28 and she is 19. She is so much older that 19 however. She looks and acts the part of someone 25. ANyway, her birthday is coming up March 16. I told her I obviously wanted to spend her birthday with her and I asked her to go out of town with me for the weekend. The weekend would involve quite a bit of alone time, but during the mornings I would have softball games. She loves softball and loves watching my games. She said sure right away and then a few days later said it would be a bad idea cause she wanted to be home for St. Patty's day cause that is when her friends would probably celebrate her B-day. I had NO problem with this whatsoever and told the team I was not going to the tournament and that was that. I'd rather be with my girl anyhow!


She is very sensitive about her age and she has 2 roommates who both think she is 20 and about to turn 21. She never told them this, but never corrected them either. They kept bringing up going out to the bars that weekend. Well, she was getting nervous and wondering what they would have planned. A month or so passed and just 2 weeks ago she says to me "hey, you really want to go to that tournament, don't you?" I said "I'd like to, but spending your birthday without you isnt an option". So she says, "lets go to the tournament...it'll be fun, plus I wont have to worry bout my roommates!" I said like 5 times over the next 2 days "Are you sure, are you sure" and she kept saying "yes". Well, the closer it gets, the more I realize I should have just said "no" to going to the tournament. She isnt as excited as she would normally be for an out of town weekend.


So, I know I have to hit another HR with a gift or plan for her B-day! I hit HR's with Christmas and with Valentines Day. She loved the gifts. I got her a Claddaugh ring from Ireland with her birthstone for V-day and for X-mas I got her several things, including a picture that I made for her that professed my love for her. It was framed and she loved it. I picked up on all the little hints thru the month and got her everything she wanted! For her b-day I was gonna take her to get her 2nd tattoo (and I'll still do that) but I need something for the weekend! We will arrive at the hotel around 10pm friday night (the night of her b-day). I am lost and am looking for romantic type, melt on the spot type of gift or something...ANY HELP?????

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maybe she is shy about her roommates finding out the truith. are you living in a part of the world where you need to be 21 to drink? IF you wanted to assist her with her lie you could look at planing some event that doesn't include going to a pub. maybe organize a big party at her place or something.


for presents i find it good to be observant throughout the year, i used to make little lists throughout the year for family, friends, SO etc, and then when christmas/Bday or just for the fun of it i'd get something from the list. it'd always supprize them as they think you read their mind as they can't remember that they mentioned they needed that half a year ago. nothing expensive, just the thought that counts.


"& The rest of your birthday present will come when we get home"

Does she have any fantasies? maybe a personal sex slave for her birthday?

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