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2 months in, almost broke NC!


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I talked with his best friend Saturday and he said my ex isn't doing well at all. He is in severe depression, won't really hang out with his friends and won't return texts or calls. I fought so hard not to call or text him. I want to be there for him, but I understand he needs this time for himself. He broke up with me so he could figure himself out. Still so hard. I love him so much and can't imagine life forever without him, but that's how I have to keep living.

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It must be so horrible to know that he is going through that - but I agree with Honey, that there isn't much you can do here. Respect his decision and stay strong and away from him. I would try not to talk to people that could give you any 'updates' on him, it will just hurt you more.


Again as Honey said, his friends have noticed that things aren't right, and with any luck they are the kind of people who he can talk to, and will give him the advice that he needs right now.


Difficult as it is, try to focus on getting yourself together again. This is just as hard on you, if not harder.



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Thanks for the encouragement. I also decided to give up myspace for this month to make sure I don't check up on him! I pray and wish the best for him. I was the only girl he mentioned marriage to in over 6 years... I know he still had feelings when he broke up with me, but who knows if those feelings will still be there when he is better? I understand it could take months and months if not years for him to get out of his hard time. He said he didn't expect me to wait for him. I won't...but he will be a tough act to follow.

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