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I recently stumbled upon my exboyfriend's myspace and feel tempted to add him to my friends list. We broke up 5 years ago and have gone 5 years without contact. I emailed him last July 06 and he replied back in a small response in which he shrugs off long distance friendships through e-mail. I replied back his email in July 06 and he has not written me back since! The thing is that back in July 06 he did not have MySpace so having found his MySpace tonight caught me by surprise. I saw all his MySpace pictures and noticed that he is single and only has 2 friends on his list! I am so tempted to add him but feel this feeling of rejection boiling inside me if he decides to deny my friendship over MySpace.


What should I do? should I add him? or just forget about it and not worry about seeking his frienship over Myspace?

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Hey audrey-


Well, it sounds to me like you did what you could, you made an attempt to be friends, and he declined. That point is pretty clear to me and as disappointing as that likely is for you, sometimes, things just go that way.


Now, I want to ask you why you want to add him to your friends list when he is not your friend? Where are you at right now emotionally with the break up and how you feel about him? What is the source of your desire to be his friend in light of his denial of such?

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Hey audrey!


Nooo I wouldn't add him. I think that email of his ended the possibility of friendship. I think NOT adding shows more pride than adding him to your list. My ex is on hyves (sort of the same thing as myspace), and I know via mutual friends that he checks out my profile. He sent an invitation to add me as friend, but I declined. Yeah, even after all he did to our relationship, I still felt guilty about that, but also quite powerfull.


I think you will just bring back more thoughts than you want about the relationship and how it ended. Focus on the present. Add a cute friend of a friend



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