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Does He Love Me or am i just messed?

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i love you know you know you know his name..... wwwwwwahhhhhhhh what is like a good saying that he will resognize you from? the guy i like, his name is, lets call him bob. every bod says bob likes me, but i am not sure. he is very nice to me, but he is nice to every one. i don't know what to think. he is overall really nice, and i think he may like me but i do not have the guts to ask him out, there is a dance coming up, and i am not sure if hes going, any ways i would really appriciate anything. i will say things sarcastically, and he says stuff back sarcastically, but he will really do what i tell him to do. thanks!


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At some point just jokingly ask him who he's going to the dance with. If he answers no one, then use that as an opportunity to see if he's interested in you. If he says with so and so, just tell him I guess I won't ask you then, or some other wise crack

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