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Marketing vs Public Relations

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Hey all,


I was hoping you could give me a little guidance here.


I'm currently studying to earn a Bachelor's in Marketing and a minor in Psychology.


The side in marketing I've been most interested is that of research. I'm currently doing an internship in a media/advertising agency and have thought about leaving soon to possibly get a different internship in market research.


The thing is this: I think I may be suited for tasks that involve writing and grammar as opposed to analytical, math-oriented tasks. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to writing and enjoy doing it very much. I also love marketing and consumer behavior. I've looked into the qualitative side of market research, but that area in marketing seems extremely limited. Most jobs involve the quantitative stuff.


It's come to my attention that perhaps I should look into public relations, which involves promoting a company's products and putting a positive spin on things. Although I master the writing, I do have to work a little bit on oral communications. I can give great speeches orally when I set my mind to it but I don't like doing them that much.


Can anyone give me some guidance? Does PR seem more for me?

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