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What am I doing wrong?

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Last weekend I volunteered at this local event, and this one young lady and I were covering the same floor. At one point were a couple 1 1/2 hour breaks, so we passed the time by chit-chatting, getting to know each other. At the end of the event when we were leaving, we exchanged numbers for keeping in touch (not as potential dates). Later that night, maybe a few hours later, I was at work and was bored, so I called her and there was no answer.


A couple days later I called again, left a message, and she returned it the next day... but I didn't have my phone with me when she called, so I just got her voice mail, basically a re: to my "what's up?" message, and a question about something. The next time I had the chance to call her back was the next day. I did and left a message.


That was two days ago, and haven't heard anything back from her since. Does that "Don't call too soon" rule apply to every situation (friends or dates)? It has been nothing but voice mail tag thus far. Either I am busy or she is busy.

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