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cant concentrate.......any advise??

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hi there

im studying at the unvierstiy and i have exams in the coming weeks, my proplem is taht i cant set down and study and if i do , i cant concentrate

simply, i study but it sounds that im not studying at all, after i study something, i look back at it and it sounds new

simply i cant be concentrated and i cant set and study for more than 20 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any one have any advise for me ???? plz any idea is accepted...


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You might have a lack of Magnesium. The names of 'drugs' vary in the different countries we live in, but we have somehting called "magnecaps" that works fine for me. It's no study-pusher or anything, it won't keep you from your sleep etc. Purely natural.


Look for some kind of magnesium complex, take it some days and things should be getting better after a week or so.


And cocoon yourself a bit from every day problems. Exams first!

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I have trerrible problems at concentrating, So many thoughts going through my mind. I found I can concentrate better after trying to relax for half hour, Clear all you're thoughts, make sure you're not tense, It sounds to me like you're working you're self up about being unable to concentrate, this may lead into a kinda mental block which can sometimes be difficult to get out off. Take it slow, Relax, I think after 20min studying would make it hard for alot of people too continuing studying, Try too relax for 10 15min then try again, But do not get wound up. Sometimes try listening too some soft music this helps me, But don't listen too anything too catchy as you're mind may drift too the music and not study>

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One word: Adderall


I'd recommend visiting your doc and explain what's going on. Chances are they'll quickly diagnose you with A.D.D. and get you on Adderall.


The other option is to buy the junk underground - though I would not recommend this. This drug is in HIGH demand by college students due to it's ability to keep the user awake for long periods of time and enables them to focus on single tasks for hours.


Good luck.

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