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Facebook makes "stalking" easy. Essentially I've been checking my ex's page and just glancing to see how she is doing.


She always was the kind of person to show her exterior... claiming she was doing great no matter what. But I knew the truth through all the lies she'd dish out to everyone else. Its rather comical, but she really is doing some great things towards her career.


I guess its just really liberating for me to see that she was trapped with me for so long, that all it took was a small kick in her butt and there she goes. I'm glad she has put her abilities and thoughts to the test and is succeeding right now.


I'm not upset, I've just been thinking. I just remember us seeming so compatible, and now I look and I'm like "how did we ever date? I don't aspire to any types of dreams she has." So really I'm glad she is kickin butt.


I myself am getting into things i was not a part of before. I think it really took some kind of motion to stop being lazy and here we are. Its rather funny how trapped I feel in a relationship, but how much I long for a relationship. Frusterating to find a proper mix... but I just don't know what it is I want exactly. I guess time will tell.


Thanks for reading.

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Wow - I have the same feeling about relationships.

It's nice to read your post.


I'm working on being there for myself more while I'm in a relationship - and it's hard! I have issues with being more active and applying myself more, but also know being in a relationship is really what I want.


Thanks for posting.

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I know that feeling...When I was with my ex, I felt like maybe I could settle for having a quiet family life in the suburbs, but now I can work towards a great career with no regrets. I'm throwing myself into schoolwork and picking up all kinds of new activities...It's great to be able to look at the positive results of the breakup rather than focusing on the negatives. I hope you kick butt with your new pursuits!

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Thanks honey and laboheme. Definitely working on kicking some butt right now. Learning a lot about my limits right now... very entertaining actually. But physically right now I am weak, tired, exhausted... but I know mentally I am gaining strength.

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lol this is very interesting.. how many others can confess that they check their ex's facebooks once in a while? i must confess that i do this and now i wish i never had because it seems to me he has found another girl who keeps commenting with him back and forth and ahh i just kills me so i try and stay of his facebook but it is just sooo addicting!

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