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Update on my ex... sad story...

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Ok I posted about my ex, how she was the girl of my dreams and how much i did miss her. I took the NC road since the first weeks of december, so time passed... I also decided to take a break off from school since I considered that I was not ready to see her (and her new boyfriend), not stable emotionnally and not strong enough to go through all of this. I have to say that this decision is mostly about me, she is not really the cause, though I would probably had stayed if she was not on our musical department... I will take this time for myself to heal my wounds and change my ideas, the biggest NC I have ever done. I'm not quitting, just taking a break, going back in autumn...I know that most of you would say that it is an error to do that but I have to say that I study for the fun, the knowledge I learn there, not for the job that might come (or not... that is what musicianship is all about i guess !) after it. I need a break from her and all this anxiety it brings in my life... But this post is not really about that so let's keep the me, myself and I and go on to the she-part


The guy she (my ex, who, you should have guessed by now, is still the person I love) is about to go out with (i have no clue if she is with him but then she sees him regularly) went in my club (I work as DJ there) with another girl. She was holding him by the hand and he was following her everywhere(I'm used to this kind of drunk mating ritual). They were like holding each other by the hips, so I guess they ended up together that night. And the day after, my ex was with him at a restaurant (I go downtown everynight so I ended up seeing them, I'm not stalking her at all, circumstances always do wrong things I guess). The thing is she has been cheated by each of her ex so it is not something she really forgives, in fact for her it is the worst thing someone can do... Even if they are not officially a couple (that is not a fact only a speculation) to me it is cheating, well not being honest at least, you don't start a relationship while making out with other people... Ok now I know what you all think, I should think about me and care only about my little self, but I do respect her... her choice might hurt me but I just want her to be in a relationship with someone who really cares about her... and that guy has proven me that it is not the case...

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Telling an ex you still love that her current boyfriend is cheating on her might not be the best idea. She might take it the wrong way, as in she might think that you are trying to break them apart. It's possible she thinks that the only reason you are telling her this is because you hold some sort of resentment against her and are jealous of this new guy. Although that may not be true in this case, there might not be anything you can do about it. Leave it alone, she will eventually find out. I mean, the guy was silly enough to go dancing with another girl the night before. Also, it isn't any obligation of yours to tell her anything anymore. If you are going to do NC, you have to stick with it. Don't give yourself another excuse to talk to her.

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O this one I like,


what you can do


1: Get some pop carn and sit back for the fire works, cuz if this new BF is doing this now he's going to get found out big time.


2: Tell you X gf, bad idear as above this will make her hatebyounas well as him, I would not do this yet but.


3: Hurry the prosess along, tell thows you know may tell your xgf what you spotted the new bf doing but in a sly snecky underhanded way, need I say more me I would not do this.


4: Keep NC and keep an eye on tne new BF once he's been found out, ask thows who know your ex how's shes doing, they will tell her your asking if shes ok and this may make her think again.


there are lots of other evil plans you could bo but there bad so don't, keep it clean and good.


alls far in love and war.


but best keep ypur dignity

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For what it's worth, I think you made the right decision; though your intention might be to look out for her, it might easily be misconstrued by her. Trust that she can take care of herself and re-focus on your healing.


Good luck with everything!



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