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I feel a knife coming in my back

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I'm starting to get this nagging feeling that there is more to the frinedship between my best friend and my ex. I don't have proof and maybe I'm just paranoid but he seems to act differently towards me since he was the go-between her and me. I talked with him the other day and it just feels different. He seemed kind of off-ish. He used to be very concerned about me but he made the statement the other day that he was just going to start worrying about himself. I've no proof but he told me his girlfriend was going back to Europe and that leaves the door open for him and my ex. I've thought that she was trying to make me jealous with him by the way she's acted over the past couple of weeks but I think she is really interested in him. She offered to cut his hair at practice the other day. Am I paranoid?

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I guess you haven't read my previous postings. Thanks for the help.


To all:


This will be my last posting. I appreciate all that have responded and tried to help me in my situation. I have to admit it is very hard when you see there are sometimes as many as 400 people read your posting but no one responds. I realize that words can only do so much. I am so miserable about my situation that I've decided to just give up on it. Even though I love music, my heart can't take the pain any more. Thanks again to all of you, and I wish you all the best in your lives.

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