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i don't know how to talk to them...

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hi, i know its kinda late for some of you but i would really appreciate a reply asap, but tonight i went to the mall with a friend and his girlfriend, I saw i know atleast 6 very pretty girls, I have no problems going up to a girl but my weakness is talking to them, i sat there and watched 4 girls sit down, and leave a location with no guys around and without me talking to them at all even tho i wanted to so bad, my weakness is never knowing what to say, like how to introduce myself and just have a general conversation about things, any ideas on how i can approach them and have a good lasting conversation and most likely leave with a number in hand? and don't tell me the "be yourself" line, i do that well and that has nothing to do with my problem.. thanks

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Ask them things about themselves.

Most people enjoy talking about themselves.

Start by asking how they are or something, you're 17... probably still in school, ask what school they go to, if you know someone else from it ask if they know them... etc.

Find out what they like doing... What they're doing now...


Just stuff like that.

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I guess after finding that stuff out you'll know if you share any common interests.

Maybe if they go somewhere you go to use that as an excuse to ask for their numbers, saying "Hey I do that too, surprised I haven't seen you there before, maybe if you want we can do it together some time?" if they say that'd be good then say something like "Cool, if you want, if you give me your number I'll call you next time I'm going and we can meet up?"

Oh, and if you do get their number sms them a little after you say bye to them saying it was good meeting them.

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Show interest in what they do.

Also point out little things about their appearance (Cute earings, bracelets, shoes, etc.) They'll appreciate flattery. But do not go over the top.

Save it for maybe one thing every 5-10 minutes.

Ask if they want to get something to drink or go for a walk.

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oh ya, dude u lvie in melbourne, surprised i didnt see you, i'm from the states i came there back in june for a church conference thing going on, and it was sooo awsome after about a week we went up to sydney, beautful place, but thanks for the advice, but why should i send them sms for a lil while after sayin bye, and what should i text to them?

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It lets them know that you were thinking about them and if you write something along the lines of:

"Hey, was cool meeting you, it'd be cool to meet up again if you want, take care"


This will probably also keep them thinking about you aswel. In a good sense.

If they're leaving the mall entirely then you'll be the last thing they think about until they get home and they'd probably be thinking about you then aswel. Which is definitely a good thing.


I've never been to Sydney, unfortunately.

I love Melbournes skitz weather. It was 41 celsius here the other day (106 fahrenheit) and 24 C the next day (75 F).

We're in summer and the next few days are below that. Then going right back up again.

Ahhh, it's great.

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ya man i wanna be there now, the beaches i've heard are awsome, my church here is pastored by aussies and they speak of it alot, but we came when it was like 42 Fahrenheit and soo i'm like experiencing winter twice cas the weather here is in the 40's and 30's also lol sucks, wish it was summer already, thanks for the advice man, that'll probably help alot, you know your stuff

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