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I did something really stupid and i need help please!!

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Well yesterday at the end of the school day, I was walking to the car to go home and the girl i like was walking the other way (which would mean we would run into each other). She was looking into my eyes and i was looking into her eyes and she was smiling at me but i paniced and turned my head in another direction. I know, that was really stupid move Today is her birthday but im not gonna see her until this tuesday. I was planning on going up to her and saying happy late birthday. I dunno what to do now. Im scared she might hate me now for not saying anything to her yesterday How can i fix this??

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How well do you know her? obviously you know her birthday so it's gotta be more than a rando acquaintance... Just tell her tuesday, be like, sorr it's a bit late but happy birthday. I often look away from girls i have a crush on too.. dunno why, i'm getting a lot better at it though.. there's this one girl i have a crush on that i've gotten to the point where i can kinda hold her eyes on mine and she won't look away before i do... weird games i play when i'm bent...

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Hold your horses, do not panic.


I've just read an article about this. You have not damaged anything. If she originally liked you, she still does. Ok, she thinks you don't like her, but that makes you more mysterious and thus should make her like you even more.


So this is fixable.


However, start to change man, if you stay this 'unconfident', you will not get many girls I think (and you seem like a nice guy, 'cause she smiled).


Whenever you see a mirror (and noone's watching you) practice the smiling and the nodding. Then apply it with this girl.


And next time you see her, make sure to smile and nod. And don't be surprised if she doesn't smile. She wants to give you a little payback, but that still doesn't mean you don't make a chance!


Go for it man!

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