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  1. well she seems to comment on my looks quite a bit. I just want to know cuz I want to make sure we're just friends but if shes not interested in me and this is my immagination then it would be awkard to tell her that.
  2. How can you tell if a friend likes you or if she's just really flirty?
  3. ahhh! I really hope I see her again. I feel like it was my one chance and I blew it. When I used to leave my class from the other side I wouldn't see the same people so why would this side be any different? Sigh
  4. but she smiled at me and It's like I ignored it! I think I'd feel crushed if someone did that to me.
  5. I didn't know where to put this topic so I decided to put it under general. Anyways, Today I saw this really beautiful girl while taking a different route out from class. She kept looking at me and smiled and for some reason I was a dumb idiot and just walked by like nothing. This is driving me crazy!! What was I thinking?! I can't believe I did that and I probably look like a jerk who just blew her off. I might see her again if I take the same route again next time but she'd probably hate me now. Arghhh I didn't mean to do it!
  6. well she hasn't actually said she likes me, but I can pretty much tell she does by the way she acts. Does that help at all?
  7. How would I get a hold of her friend though
  8. What do you do when a friend of yours is interested in you and your not interested in her but you're interested in meeting one of her friends??
  9. Yeah I think change is scary, I kind of wish I could just stay as a kid forever.
  10. Yup, Im still in school. Vacation hasn't even crossed my mind actually. I think I have too much free time, which may sound like a good thing but I feel im beginning to learn that its a bad thing More time to sit around and think means more trouble!
  11. Thanks for your help Ellie, it means alot to me. Guess im just affraid to lose what I hold dear to me.
  12. Thanks for the help, hopefully someday I'll knock some sense into myself
  13. Sigh, I used to feel happy and dandy about everything but something just triggered in my brain these past few weeks and all the sudden all I do is worry. My friends don't really seem to care much about the situation, I guess since they figure they aren't in my shoes.
  14. I forgot to mention that I also seem to panic about old age too. Like life is going by so fast that one day I'll be like man im old already! Kind of scared to reach that point.
  15. Yeah I dont know how to get myself away from thinking about all that stuff, especially at night.
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