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A No Contact Question

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Hi I found this forum about a week ago and decided to post.


I have been reading a lot about No Contact, and I was wondering exactly what situations doing NC applies?

Can it work on someone you are interested in but have never had a relationship, but the other person IS interested but taking too long in moving things along? Would this be a detriment to things possibly working out?


I feel sort of invisible to someone right now, and I feel like if I do NC that will

only make me MORE invisible by disappearing. Does that make sense?

How are you to get someone to notice you if you are not there? I always thought you should "be there" for that person, but maybe I have it all wrong.

Please advise.


I want to see if this is the right route for me to take because right now I am just frustrated! I am thinking of telling him I am going to back off. Should I?

Please help me out. Thanks.

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I don't think NC will work for that, NC is used primarily for healing purposes after a break-up. The reason that it works sometimes to "get somebody back" is because it forces the other person to miss you and possibly rekindle feelings that already existed. If you post more details there is a greater chance that people will be able to give you specific advice.


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Sorry. I should have added more to this.


*Have known the current guy about a year


*We have a lot of chemistry, have admitted our attraction and would like

to pursue things further.


*He got out of a relationship with someone a few months ago but we have

talked and maintained contact. Contact is about 60/40...with me

initiating most of it. I would like to see this more balanced, or even

him pursuing me more. I have already told him how I feel.


Aside from me beating him over the head with this, I am out of ideas.

I thought some distance might work. Is this a possibility or should I

keep hanging in there as I am. I don;t want to get taken for granted.

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If he doesn't contact u enough u perhaps can ask why this is so, if he just gives you a standard reason then oftenly its because he doesn't want to take it further even though u stated it... regarding the topic.. if you just make nc and your already experiencing a little contact then it can go the other way around with you ending up loosing him, if that makes sense.

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Sounds like you're playing games... You can't make him like you. Maybe have a talk with him as to where you two stand?


If he's not interested in being in a proper grown up relationship (that requires effort from both sides in equal measure) then you end what you have with him THEN go NC.

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No Zomb. I'm not playing games. I'm trying to NOT play games..which is why I came for advice. Thanks.


If you ask if it would be a successful move, then your actually considering doing a play, because it IS to play with someone when doing something on purpose to get contact, I agree with Zomb.

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Thanks Zomb...and Dare. I appreciate the honest advice.


You are guys, what would make YOU come around in the same situation?

Maybe that will help.



You can't make people fall for you and even if they have you can't make them treat you like you ought to be treated.


Otherwise I'd have a harem of Playboy bunnies typing this post for me!


I would speak to him find his intentions, if he says he wants to give it an honest go, stick around and give it some more time but at the same time distance yourself a little emotionally from this guy, make time for other areas of your life - your friends and hobbies. IF he starts behaving like a proper b/f you can let him have more of your heart.

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Great advice Zomb.


I have a HUGE soft spot for this guy.I admit it. I send him "I miss you" emails. I sent him one today even. I know I need to distance myself from him for now. He has been honest in saying he's still dealing with the fallout of his recent breakup, but still expresses romantic interest in me. He has already said he knows I deserve more than he can give me right now. I just need to know how much time is enough to wait?

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