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Went out with a friend...wanting more than to be just a friend (long post)


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So tonight I went out with a girl who I've liked for a long time. I started talking to her on Myspace (for a year and a half or so) and tonight we met in person for the first time. She has 2 beautiful children (a boy and a girl) and she brought them along. This really wasn't a date because we're not going out. See, she going through a lot right now and has a lot of things going on with her with her dating life/personal life that it would be wrong to ask her out. She's been getting screwed over by guys a lot and I've been getting scrwed over by girls a lot, so I said to her "Why don't we get together" or something along those lines. Anyway, last night we went to the store and she got some baby wipes/diapers for her kids, then we went to the mall and we went into Hot Topic where I got her daughter (who's 2) I got her a little Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie and I even gave her my Lady and The Tramp dog that I got a long time ago. While at the mall we went and saw Santa, so she could tell Santa what she wanted, so she did and then Santa gave her a toy duck. Then we went to Target to buy more X-mas gifts, so her friends children could get some stuff. Her daughter Astrid was going crazy in the toy section asking me and her mom all of the things she wanted I'd hold her hand accross the street and hold her in my arms at times. She was giggling and having fun. I even fed her son Rylan who's not even a year old. After that we went to drop her kids off a my friend's house to babysit them while we went to the concert. Before the show I stuck out my arm and said "May I?" and she put her arm thru. At the concert her and I had a good time. After the show she tripped on the sidewalk and almst fell over. We went to picck up heer kids and they were oassed out, I took her daughter in my arms and put her in her childseat and she took her son and put him in his seat and we were on our way back to my place. I hugged her when she got to my place and we hugged twice in the car.


For the last 3 days her and I have been talking about her moving to my hometown..she lives about 30 minutes from me. (this would be her choice and her decision) so I've been helping her by looking online for houses here in town and there are a few that look interesting. She is curently applying for a loan *fingers crossed* Hopefully she gets it, so that she can move to my hometown (She also said that she doesn't wanna live with her parents anymore and hates it where she's at). I mentioned to her in the car that I would like to date her, but being that she's kind of in a sticky situation with her current ex (who's a HUGE jerk) I told her that I'd wait until she's ready to be in a relationship with me and to call me once she got home. I just got done talking with her now and she's hanging with her friends before she goes to sleep and goes to work this morning. I REALLY like this girl a lot


P.S. She's a really nice girl and she's soo attractive too, she's an all around beautiful girl.


What should my next step be? Cuz I would really like to be with this girl. Thank you. This is the first time I've been on a "out" with a girl since 2000. Any advice would be helpful

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Great to hear that you have a great time. You are doing fine.


Since she has kids, is she under the legal proceeding for divorce? Has it been finalised?


If she has cut all the tie with her ex-husband or ex bf, and have enough time to hear from her previous relationship, I don't see the reason why not to go for her.

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