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I did it...i know eveyones gonna be ...oh no you didn't! But, i did!


i told me i missed him, and im still thinking of him. I glad i did cause i feel so much better. He said he's 'got good thing going with his new gf'.......REJECTED!!


I feel so exposed, due to the fact that i never exposed my feelings to ANYONE! NOT EVEN MY FRIENDS!!!


I have half term at college now, so i guesse he has time to think about stuff, but now i know how he feels. Oh guys...my sister says to move on, but still can't....im infatuated!


How to get over an ex?


Anyone esle been in the situation when they tell their ex that they like them, then get rejected?



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The problem is that you should NEVER have gone to a person asking him out thinking everything will work out just because it concerns YOUR case. Reality is that a guy like you has the free will to choose to be with whomever they want to be.


Don't turn into an ice-queen just because you where rejected. Its the courage to continue what is important. Failure is not fatal, succes is not final.


*hugs* i know it is hard to get your feelings hurted like that. Especially if you aren't usually open, it can be quite a blow, maby he'll be available in the future, but until then continue to date, and try to create a future for yourself.

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