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  1. I think it was because we didn't really do much foreplay...we'd been to aparty you see, a little drunky, so our minds were just on sex! lol. no foreplay. How do you know your too tight? I mean i can use my vibrator (8")........so mmmmmm......(plus, me and my last partner were fine) what u think? Thanks again!!!! XxXxX
  2. Ok, Im gonna ask another question Born to Resist, cause you sound really nice. lol (how geeky does that soound!?) But, my Bf, has a huge pensis, the width is something ive never seen before. When we were having sex it REALLY hurt, getting him in. However, we hadn't had much foreplay, so i wasn't really wet. But, was it cause i was Too tight or cause i wasn't wet enough. cAUSE im really scared ive put him off cause im tight - do guys like that?! lol. Be grateful if u could help me again. x x x
  3. ** SNAP** WHAT.........!!!! LOL. OK, it just caused his experienced, and i dont wanna look like a fool...like for him to say 'O she can't even do it right...'' does that make sense? Ok, will try. Thank you everyone for the comments, xxx
  4. This sounds really, but i dont know how to have sex with my b/f when IM on top. I know how to get on, lol, but its the movement. Do i jump up and down with my hips? Or rocking motion? Sorry for the sillyness, im a bit embarrassed. I dont know who to ask, and i thought i'd get range of views. Especailly male views on what they like! thank you.
  5. I did it...i know eveyones gonna be ...oh no you didn't! But, i did! i told me i missed him, and im still thinking of him. I glad i did cause i feel so much better. He said he's 'got good thing going with his new gf'.......REJECTED!! I feel so exposed, due to the fact that i never exposed my feelings to ANYONE! NOT EVEN MY FRIENDS!!! I have half term at college now, so i guesse he has time to think about stuff, but now i know how he feels. Oh guys...my sister says to move on, but still can't....im infatuated! How to get over an ex? Anyone esle been in the situation when they tell their ex that they like them, then get rejected? HELP ME!!!!
  6. Im 17 years old, and his new gf is in my friendship group along with him. So, im doubt i'd be the other woman...as he couldn't get away with it. And like i said he wouldn't do that..hes a good guy. We've been broken up nearly a year and always liked each othe rbut never said anything..we're both too shy. Loads of poeple are teleling me he likes me still as well.......Shall i just wait. I was thinking...' if he really wants me he'll brake up with his gf and do the right thing' Cause, there's no point in telling him, as it'll 1. scare him 2. feel oblige to saty with india 3. no solve anything?! or am i wrong?
  7. are you sure? The way he talked to me wasn't arogant or full of himself. It was just talking normally. he was saying ' why didn't say that you liked me, cause i like you too!' 'You know i tried my hardest to get you back at jaime's party after we broke up, but you didn't notice' And when he asked how long we went out for, i said 'o wen did we brake up' and ran off the date competely. hE WAS A BIT DRUNK....LOL. Thr thruth? Just because people are telling me i should speak up and tell him, but i feel embarrassed and shy, of rejection. But, i dont want to hold back again and loose what i miss everyday.
  8. OK, guys, if you've read my previous posts you will undersatnd this if not, GO BACK TO OTHER POST! THE CONFESSION...................... I went to a 18th party last week, and as soon as my ex came over to me (has a gf aswell), said 'hello you sexy thing!'..i was shocked. Then, later we were left alone by my friend, and he started talking about how he hasn';t found my CD i left at his house (was OUR cd), when last time he spoke about it said 'oh me and (nre gf name) dont need it'...sarcastically! Then, he bough me a drink, and was pushing me and bit with his hip, and kept doing it for a joke, and smiling at me! Then later on, him and my friend we're speaking about him getting a new gf and he then went 'SHE DUMPED ME', eg, talking about me!! So, i again said to him about my mum's illness and how i still regretted it blah blah. He said he liked me afterward were first broke up, and how he was trying to get my attention for ages after we broke up. Then he made a comment about how we still could of been together now. Then, he gave me a hug , then another one, which i was surprised about!! Subject changed to who i 'FANCIED' i said 'oh i like a couple people' (really i like him!!) and he was like, 'tell me' 'tell me', then we got interuppted by my other friend wanting to dance. I was so shocked to hear him say all that stuff, he even remembered the day we broke up, he told me!!!!!!!! But, at the end of the night, he was gonna to come bk to my friends house where a few people we staying over, including me!! But didn't. CONFUSED! tHIS IS WHY!! I saw him afterwards kissing his gf ect. And it made confused to why he's making all these hints, in text messages too, to me and is still with her! is it just cause its easier for him? We've spoken on the phone, I RANG, i know it was wrong!! But, he was busy so said well, ring me ack once you driven back home, IF UR STILL UP BUT DONT WORRY. Then he texts me 'U still up? Ax' whatt! then we talk ect,have a laugh on the phone. But, at college he'll give his gf hug or two, but, its weird. People keep telling me their not a 'happy' couple and he likes me still. BUT WHY IS HE STILL WITH HER THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEN NEED ADVICE HERE - HOW DOES IT WORK? SHOULD I TELL HIM HOW I FEEL? HOW? WHAT TO DO? Thanks for reading...reply would be great! Lx P.s he's not a playa type boy - more like boy next door, lets just say if he knew how to play, i dont think he would 'get it'. lol
  9. Hi, Just wanted how everyone coped with with their ex's new partner's....especially when their news partners, um, how shall we put this, give you evil looks/dont talk to you/...generally not nice. thought be nice to share. Me? I imagine my ex's new gf trying to shove her head up her ar*e...makes me smile to myself!
  10. Honestly - sees you as an easy target who he can have on stand by, and shag. Looks like he's not getting involved with being a father. My advice - be civil, call or text if its important regarding your son. but, please dont get yourself tangled up with relationship past/present over calls and texts. i think its time to move on.( IM trying to as well, im slowly getting there) i know its ssosoooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. But, maybe your meet a really nice guy who wants you for you, and you can be a family. hope everything goes alright for you!!!
  11. its understandable thta you may want to day dream about 'what if?' for a few minutes, but you have 2 lovely children and a husband. I think you need to wake up from this dream, what is in the past is in the past. You can't of loved him that much, as you did not marry him, which you WOULD have done with or without your mums permission. coming from a broken home (dad cheated on my mum!) its not nice,and its always regretted. My life has considerably been altered due to my dad's actions. But, im sure you love your husnad dearly. Also, could you see yourself seeign your children every weekend, or going through a custody battle for your kids, having sex in hotels and sneeking around just to relive your past life when you were less care free. Because, im not trying to be harsh here, i think thats what is is, your holding on to the past, beacuse this is what your ex is the past, before kids, before marriage, before you HAD to be come a grown up. Please cancel the lunch, delete him for your phone! please, for your kids.
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