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tips for making friends

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I probably am not the best person to give advice on this but here it goes anyway...


First, the "be yourself" clichee...don't feel anxious or shy around them or you'll seem awkward


Secondly, call them and invite them places...movies for a beer whatever -so make the first step


And thirdly...if you think they have a problem get them to talk about it and support them, that's always apreciated

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When i want to make friends, i usually smile at the person. This can be hard if your shy, but theres no hurt in smiling at someone, and for all they know, your just being polite. But now, they know your nice, and just being yourself helps. Relaxing, and being yourself.

Asking people if you can sit by them, asking them if they want to sit by you, etc..

Getting involved in activities, meting people, and finding people with common interests.

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