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Marine Girl Pt4 Dont Me Scared


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To My Marine Girl

Marine Girl Part 4

Hope You Enjoy


Dont Be Scared



Dont Be Scared

To Show Ur Love For Me

Dont Be Scared To Shed Those Tears

Dont Be Scared I Will There

When You Cry

T Cry

We Both Cry

Until The Well Run Dry

In Me You Can Trust

Because Our Love Is No Secert Between Us

So Dont Be Shame To Let Ur Eyes Rain

I Am Here For You Help Ease That Pain

I Dont Be Scared To Call Me Your Boo

Because I Will Reply To You

With Goa Goa Goo Goo

Because You Are My Baby

Most Of Al My Special Lady

I Know Ur Ex Was An ****

But Let Us Put Him In The Past

Our Love Now Is No Joke

Let Me Fix That Heart He Had Broke

I Love You With Al My Heart

I Love From The Very Start

God In You We Thanxs And Pray

For Giving Us This Blessed Day

Even Though We Some Time Tray

But In Our Heart You Are Determin To Stay

Thank You God For Jessica

And Also For My Friend Back In Jamaica

You God Is Our Maker

And I Couldnt Ask For A Better Creator

Please Watch Over Me

And Let Your Mercy Fall On Me

Jessica I Hope Know You See

How To Let Fear Go And Love Set You Free

I Love You

And With Out You

I Dont Know Wat I Would Do

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