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Birthday Blues


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I've been wondering if my ex-girlfriend will call on my birthday, Wednesday. She broke up with me three weeks ago after nine months of dating. I last saw her two weeks ago with no contact for one week. What should I say or do if she calls?


I still believe this is just some misunderstanding, but I also know she had checked out of the relationship some time ago. I can't figure out how someone can seem so happy, but then want to break up with you a few days later. I fear it will be a major setback for me if she doesn't call. I have been exercising, which helps, but I don't even get to socialize with her friends or family anymore. I'm so lonely. She is the love of my life.

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Well, my ex called to wish me a happy birthday. I'm not sure what I was expecting. We hadn't talked for over a week. She has a cold now, but has already made some changes in her life to simplify things. I think this was a good decision. She always has about a half-dozen commitments pulling her in different directions. It's hard to juggle sometimes. So a few of these have been cut including me.


Still she is rather busy. Next couple of weekends, she has family events. I wanted to plan a get together, but she doesn't have the time and I'm not sure it would be welcome anyway. I will go back to NC. Really nothing else for me to do now. I think the chances of a reconciliation are slim. I miss her so much. How long do I have to wait until I'm over her?

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then say "thank you"


try not to make anything out of it.


if she DOES call, that means that she remembers your B-day ... and she cares about you.


if she DOES call, that doesn't mean that she wants to get back with you or she wants to give you a b-day sex.


if she does NOT call, that means that she doesn't remember your B-day ... like million other people.


if she does NOT call, that means that she doesn't really want to talk to you ... like million other people.





sorry, if I sounded harsh.

But, I know how you feel. Being in a situation that you are in ... trying to "over-analize" situations.

Don't .. it will only drive YOU crazy.


like someone else said ... "stay strong"

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