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The Treasure


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Here's a cute poem I wrote about children. I hope you like it.


A greedy man saw a leprechaun,

While walking down a road,

And said, "I would like

To have a pot of gold."


Then the leprechaun said,

"If it's gold that you like,

Then follow this rainbow,

If you don't mind the hike.


So he followed the rainbow,

"Til it came to end end,

Hoping to find

Lots of money to spend.


But when he got to the end,

What did he see?

An elementary school,

Surrounded by trees.


The man said "Where's the gold?

I've come a long ways,

And now I see

That it didn't pay.


Then the leprechaun appeared,

And said, "You fool!

You can't get any richer

Than finding a school.


"For there you'll find children

As sweet as pie,

Who'll give you love and joy

That money can't buy!

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