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Trying not to take things so badly...

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I'm not sure why I do this, but I tend to get all bent out of shape because of something so minor. I start feeling bummed out if a girl doesn't return a phone call right away, or respond to an email.


I sent a message to a coworker (with whom I have a crush on) to asking her a question. Sometimes I can be a little obnoxious at work, and I was thinking that maybe it was becoming annoying, so I wanted to check it out with her. Anyway I know she had an opportunity to read the message, but she didn't respond.


This sent me into a slight depression. Why? I don't know why. Logically I know in my mind that these things are minor, but some how these things seem to really knock me down.


Major rejection doesn't seem to affect so much as these minor things.


Any advice, or thoughts would really be appreciated. I'm struggling here.

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I'm kind of the same way, I spent a week agonizing over something a bartender said to me at a club when I was ordering for a friend:


"I'll have a coke, My mate here wants some spirits."

"What type?"

"Uh, not sure. The type with the highest alcahol content?"

"Not happening, sir."


I was down for ages about that, and even tonight I've been in a bad funk just because someone didn't return an email - and I know they had the time. Go figure? I don't know what makes me this way, either...

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i get the same way sometimes, i was at a bar with my uncle who was introducing me to a few people he knew there. my parents are biracial and my uncle is on the white side, when the bartender met me she said "what happened?" i let it slide but in the back of my mind all night i couldnt help but think "was that supposed to be a derogatory comment? and if it was why would she say something like that" and on the other hand i was thinking i was over reacting and its not a big a deal as i was making it. either way it kept me from really connecting to people all night because i couldnt get over it.


so what i mean is, maybe we should find a way to take things with a grain of salt and say if thats how things are supposed to be then thats how it is and thats all. just somehow let it go. i dont know how to do that yet and im working on it. but yeah i would just try to think about things in perspective in the long run

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Unfortunately I too am the same way in regards to harboring relationship anxiety and doom.


Well at least I've got an awesome knack for spinning elaborate worst-case-scenarios out of next-to-nothing minutia. I'm sure somewhere in some distant country such a knack would be deemed as a precious skill. *yeah, right sure it is sweets!*

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wow im the same way...only when it comes to girls tho.for example my ex..when we were goin out....if she didnt pick the fone up i would get all worried and anxious that something was wrong...and id call her several times.thats part of the reason why she broke up wit me. but ya it sux. i just automatically think the worst and i hate it.

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