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I left this forum when things were getting a little too intense for me. I was just thinking too much about it, so I took a break from "trying to get my ex back".


Last time I posted I had a date with her but that didn't work out - logistics and some trust issues which we discussed. Setting boundaries so to speak.


Then I went back to England and indulged in some serious retail therapy While I was away I got a text from her wondering where I was. She wanted to see me. I said she couldn't but I could always think on her pretty face. She then starts with the "big kisses" stuff and I replied that if she kept texting kisses, one day I would claim them for real. She responds to soppy stuff that I was too uptight about before.


Anyway, I got back today. All dressed up for work (in new togs) and I run into her in the street - unplanned.


I just intended to nod and go about my business, I have gotten over some horrible stuff that was going on in my head so couldn't care less about it anymore.


She looked so cute that I stole a very big kiss from her without thinking. Well, I had warned her. Me bad. Then I got another one back and a long hug. Ahh, it was nice to smell her again.


I didn't say anything and turned to go. "Call me" she says. I wander off smiling. Sorry people... it's still game on but the stakes are tiny compared to a few weeks ago. I couldn't care what she thinks now and that is probably the best outcome. I'll be fine.


I am busy with work and some new music/film/web projects. I'll see how I feel in a few days (and I am not counting).


Moral for me - time will determine how things pan out. One can care too much, so keep busy.


I'll post an update some time. Take care.

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