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Walk In The Night

Ms. Babydoll

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The air brisk and chilly

My mind open to all possibilities

My eyes open to the dark surroundings

My ears open to every subtle sound


On my own

Walking down the empty roads

Only a few cars pass by me

The only source of light coming from the street lamps


I breathe in the fresh air

Letting my lungs stretch wide

I need this peaceful darkness

To help me think


Houses are lit up

Giving warmth to my cold body

I hear a noise from behind

Turn with fright

But nothing is there


Aware of how dangerous

Walking alone at night can be

But not afraid

Because I'm strong at heart


I smile to myself

It's all going to be ok

Everything works out

In the end

But every ending

Is a new beginning


I open up the front door to my house

Allowing myself to step inside my world

My new beginning

My walk in the night has come to an end

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