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Ok first off I'm a lesbian,

So I still love my girlfriend its been ohh about a week now since we broke up and I still love her I can't get her out of my mind I think about her 24/7.. I can't help it... We dated for 6 days and I fell really fast for her like I did with no other person, And I wrote her a note telling her I still love her ect... But I found out she * * * *ed someone over the internet the first day they met, and she likes someone new.. And pulled me asside one day and sayed "I care about you, but I like someone else now" I felt really sad and so I just smiled and act like I was happy for her but inside i just wanted to brake down crying =[... I wanna get over her but I just can't theres a part of me that still loves her. And you know how people say lission to you heart becasue you mind plays games with you and I am lissioning to my heart.. So how do I get over her? Its hard

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This is a tough one to answer.


On one hand I don't think that you really do love this girl. You can't love someone you don't really truly know. Thinking you love and really loving are two very different things.


On the other hand I've been EXACTLY where you are under similar circumstances (Though I'm not a lesbian . )


What you're feeling right now is pretty heavy.. There are a lot of new feelings that you haven't experienced before and this tends to make what you are going through right now even more intense.


I've also come to realize that if a relationship ends while you are still in the "infatuation" stage it is even harder to look at things objectively because in your eyes they didn't have any faults what so ever.


The end of a relationship is rarely easy. The only thing you can do is wait it out and give yourself time to process and come to terms with the flood of emotions. Keep yourself busy.. Maybe join a new club or sport at school. Chin up, you'll feel better soon.

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my woman broke up with me about a year ago. I still think about her everyday. Love and miss her dearly. But what can I do? I can only keep living, so thats what I what I must do. Then one day, hopefully, I can go a day without thinking about or missing her. Just keep on keepin on. There is nothing else.... work out, hang out with your friends. I'm now bitter, I don't think I'll be in a relationship ever again because of the pain of losing her. It's a very hard life to be a lesbian. Women are not easy to deal with. We are just too emotional and wishy washy... good luck kiddo. Keep your head up, and just keep doing your thing.


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OK but I was wondering I have a crush on this one girl I mean she is like the most beautiful girl you have ever seen your entire life..

Shes 17 and im 15 do you think thats a bad age diffrence?

Well anyways I liked her alot since the end of freshmen year and Im a sophmore and shes a jr. Some of my friends are like "quite being scared and ask her out already" and I don't have the guts I hate being rejected. We have talked off and on sometime now I told her once I liked her but i have dated a few people since then, and now i don't know if she still knows i like her or not. I see her in the halls dearing school and i give her a hug. And if shes online we talk. I don't know her so well that I can wright a book about her, but I know her fav. band, color ect....

I just don't know what to do I don't wanna be rejected. And I don't wanna go around acting like I wanna just be friends with her I wanna be more...

Its just I know she can do so much better then me. Shes a lesbian just like me. But I told her i was a lesbian and since i told her then i dated a 3 guys so I * * * *ed that up. But I don't know what to do...

If you were me what would you do??? [i searesly need someones help]

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