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out of the ordinary things


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weird things have been happening lately.Girl's seem to love my hair(my best feature).They love to play with it.(straighten it, pic it,etc)

they seem to want to flirt with me.I'm getting more attention than usual.

They want ME to add them to my friend list on Myspace!

I used to have 3 friends,now i have numerous!

I don't know if I'm just more outgoing or if my hair is just that cool,or what.

But the one girl that I like deeply is almost the opposite,probably because she has a Boyfriend(which he seems like a nice guy)but she is my friend now so thats good.

If you read some of my last posts,there are new developments.

I saw Jennifer(she is fair,but i think I'll just have her as a friend.)

In third period,everyone either likes me,my hair or both.or they don't like me,but they know who I am(highly doubt it)2 of my friends broke up.the girl was so upset I almost started to cry.the guy feels bad for hurting her but now they don't even go to same school.

The one girl that laughs at all my jokes called me a "sexy beast"!but in a jokingly way,so honestly I don't know.


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K your at the age where you are in a stage that everyone starts to display an enormous amount of selfishness to gain whatever they want in life. You already displayed it yourself by having interest in another girl who's already occupied and in a relationship without even considering the hurt that you cause the other guy by being (just friends, yeah right) with her. It doesn't take a genius to figure out you want her, even if you have to walk over the dead bodies of others. Well to stay ahead of the facts and save yourself from a broken heart in the future you need to have a 'first things first attitude'.


You see your living life way too fast, and rush from one thing into another without thinking of what kind of damage this could cause to yourself or others emotionally. You think at this moment probably that nothing could ever damage you. Well Personally i think you need to take a step back and bring your life into calmer waters, and re-evaluate what your doing in a relationship.


You see life is like a rigged roulette table, if you gamble on you being selfish you'll only end up being a loser. The meaning of life is to love and help others, thus if you want to intereact with a girl , you will have to love her completely and unconditionally and purely because you want to make her happy. Not for sex, or for her beauty. Those are natural but horrible factors to choose your life-partner. As you said it, these girls don't 'know' you. They appreciate you not for who you are, but for lustfull aspects. That's the whole problem , because its hard to find a girl that is mature enough to appreciate you for who you are, and simular for a girl to find a guy that is mature enought to give her a future and love that she deserves.


What you need to do is to make 'carefull choices' , you see these girls are mostly wild, and still immature. So you want to be with a girl that loves you for who you are, and you who love her back for who she is.


Never go into a relationship expecting things to work out just because it concerns 'your case'. Reality is that a girl can pack her bags and leave everyday. So be prepared for a broken heart, especially at your age it can hit hard, and you need to protect yourself.

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To be honest the reason i'm on this site is because I don't feel loved.

I know I'm liked just not loved and right now I damn sure need a hug.(excuse the french)

I've never had a relationship,no one expirience things with.

I mean i can seem so happy and up beat,but once i get to this topic I just let it all out.

I have had a lot of emotional hurt in my life,and in my concience i feel that i'd make a big deal out of my first girlfriend that when we break up,i'll do something stupid.

I know who would miss me if i was gone.I want that list to grow so that they know they had someone that really did care,that was there for them.

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I have had a lot of emotional hurt in my life,and in my concience i feel that i'd make a big deal out of my first girlfriend that when we break up,i'll do something stupid.


That's a common mistake, sometimes people who feel as you do will instead store their self-esteem in other areas. A girlfriend, or personal possessions. And once they're gone they're right back where they started, only this time with the pain of loss hitting them at the same time.


It's a tradegy when anyone dies - one person or a thousand, celebrity or homless person, not only does the person die, but all the potential they have disappears along with them. Don't tie your self-esteem up in other people or things, learn to be happier with yourself - there are plenty of threads on eNotalone with guides how to do that.

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Hey I know that her boyfriend would be upset.They have been dating for a year.But honestly once he leaves(for college) within a year he'll have probably found someone new ,unless he doesn't get over Rachel,which would be fully understandable.Trust me I know personal loss.Yes she is attractive ok i realize that,but I mean i know that our generation is known for pregnant teens, but there are probably a few good kids out there,and I plan on being one of them.

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I plan on being happy person!

Wow at the beginning of this thread it was happy then it went south and now back up.Can anyone say "mood swing"?

Some girls realise I can be funny,but I want toshow them I can be serious too.


Word of advise: I"M NOT SUICIDAL!!!

I'm becoming more social dangit don't rain on my parade!!!

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Hey Freshie!


I think you don't need to take any of it too seriously.

You are young. It's ok to talk to different people and be interested in more than one person. I think you should be true to yourself and if people don't like you then forget them. And don't overanalyze it, you seem to be a nice guy, just have fun!

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