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sex after birth


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6 Weeks is the minimum you should wait. Like previously said, it can cause all sorts of infections, as well as being unomfortable.


If you do decide to have sex before the 6 weeks,

1) use a condom (even if you are on the contraceptive pill will reduce chances of infection and pregnancy - remember you will catch the quickest after having just given birth)

2) Use plenty of lube (as up there you will not be as 'moist' as you once were)

3) make sure you do your pelvic floor muscle excersises after....


Good luck and enjoy

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It is safe to have sex once your lochia (the flow that occurs after the birth, much like a period) is no longer red or brownish- but whitish or clear. This is usually about 2-3 weeks after birth. Doctors do recommend waiting 6 weeks, but many couples do not and what we teach them is once the flow is no longer red or dark brown/black, it's safe.


Remember that you need to protect yourself against pregnancy, (because yes it can happen THAT quickly after pregnany ), breastfeeding does NOT protect you 100% against pregnany (although it can decrease the chance it still happens) and you will need to use lube because the fluctuating levels of hormones in your body tend to run you "dry"


Lastly, if you are breastfeeding and your baby sleeps in your bedroom with you, make sure you feed before sex, because sex tends to make your milk leak and the baby will smell that and wake up and think it's "dinner time"... nothing like that to ruin the mood!

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