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Pimples on my Penis


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I am 16, I've had a few sexual experiences and I have read about Pimples on penis and I am not worried about any STD cause I know I don't have any. I have pimples on my foreskin and all the way down the base of my penis and I really want to know what I can do to get them away. I am afraid to show or do any sexual activity with a girl, incase she thinks I'm an abnormal person and I want to know if anyone has had any bad experience with a girl in that situation.


Please reply.



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Hey Arono,


Were you tested for STD's? Did you always use condoms? We can't diagnose you here. You need to see a doctor and se if he thinks it's something serious. Both genital warts and herpes can look a bit like pimples, and they can be transmitted even if you use a condom (but not as easily of course). I think it's good to have no sexual activity before you get this checked out.



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Skin conditions are very difficult to determine without a physical examination.


The recent pimple-like bumps could be pimples, razor burn (if you do shave this area), an allergic reaction to soap or detergent, or another medical condition.


Little white bumps on the shaft of the penis that don't hurt and are not red and swollen can be pimples or ingrown hairs.


These are common and they're nothing to worry about. Another condition that's normal and no cause for worry is called pearly penile papules.


These whitish bumps appear on the glans (top) of the penis, or along the edge of the glans, in about 15% to 20% of guys.


If you are or have been sexually active, bumps on the penis may be signs of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


Blisters, bumps, or ulcers that are painful may be herpes.


Another STD, genital warts (HPV) can show up as bumps on the penis.


If the bumps are caused by an infection or other medical problem, you'll be able to get treatment.


And if the bumps are normal, you'll go away reassured - so definitely check with your M.D./D.O. to determine the cause.



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Hi Ilse,


I'm new to this kind of 'Forum Thing'. I hope that i have found the RIGHT way of posting my question here.


I've been searching the net for answers to my problem, and came accross this site. So now i've registered so that maybe you can give me an answer.


The chap - "Arono" has hit the nail on the head - excuse the pun - with his problem. I have recently aquired these "pimple like red bumps" on my Penis head, and though not sore, somtimes itchy. I don't know what it could be from and why. I've been married for many years, I don't sleep around, and believe that neither does my wife, who is the ONLY sexual partner.


Over the last 2 months that we had sex, I got these damn 'Pimples'. Is this reason for concern ??. Has she been sleeping around, or has she got something hat she is embarressed to tell me, and now I have these things ??


Or is this something that is "Okay" and I shouldn't worry about.


I'm rather concerned, for obvious reasons in every aspect.


Please advise.



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Ive just posted a question, but i'm not sure if i did it the right way.

How does 'one' post a question from 'scratch', and obtain an answer?


I'm new this this thing called "forums"


Can you advise?


Click on New Topic, then go the the list of forum subjects, choose your topic, click it, and a screen will come up where you can type your own original question/thread.


Hope I explained that enough for you to find it.

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Hey FedUp,


You can post in this topic (because it's the same subject) or post a new topic the way coollady described. Both are ok.


I think both of you should see a doctor, it's the only way to get a trustworthy diagnosis and to stop worrying. A rash or pimples are not 'normal' in the sense of 'healthy', but they need not indicate an STD. It can be allergy, rash from dry skin or a minor skin infection. In the worst case scenario, yes, they could be warts or herpes. Herpes is more like small blisters, as far as I saw in the medical books of my bf.


Get yourself tested at a doctor, explain your situation. I can understand it's a VERY sensitive topic in your marriage. Maybe it's better to see a doctor and rule out STD's before you talk to her. If it were to be an STD, she'd need treatment as well.



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I went to a dermatologist and he said it was fine.. the only problem is i hate them. Its called sebaceous prominence and only 10% of the world get these... If anyone has had any sexual experience and have the same condition please tell me what your sexual partner(s) said..

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I've had them since before I was ever sexually active, so I knew they were "normal", but had them checked by two doctors, who both gave me a clean bill of health. I've had many sexual partners in my life, and it has never bothered them. I am in a good relationship and my girlfriend is unfased by it. We have been together for 7 years and it has never been the topic of conflict. The best you can do is to try accept it, and work around it as far as you can to make yourself feel comfortable. Hey, it's better to have couple of bumps on your shaft than a small d!ck I always say!

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