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need some objective opinions here


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i dont mind when people talk about me behind my back, its bound to happen and it does so im not upset with my friends for doing that but i feel like im being isolated because they talk about me but are just reinforcing opinions and things that arent really me. so that when i do hang out with them i feel like im misunderstood. the reason behind this is because when i say something they always look at each other as if they've talked about it before when i wasnt there. and that makes me feel like im not even worth being around.


i moved to another state to go to college and it was difficult for me to make friends. i feel like i am only friends with them because when i started college two years ago they were the only people that wanted to hang.


what do you think should i just ditch them? try and seek out new ones? or stick with them, i mean it has been almost two years we've been friends but every time i see them i wish i was by myself. not to mention they think they are the smartest * * * * on the planet (both males by the way) not saying guys are bad they are just the only people i seem to be able to get along with. and now these two are acting like they are married, they only share things with each other and never really talk to me any more. when all three of us used to be really close. they are the only people i could really talk to and now i feel left out of the loop, because the things they talk about away from me are always kept from me but the things i talk about with one of them they always talk about with each other. im not sure what to think.


i dont have alot of friends here so if give them up then im back to square one, i want to move back home everyday.

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I say ditch them. Friends are supposed to make you feel good, you're supposed to feel happy and wanted around them.


Do you live in a dorm? Do you have a suitemate or roommate? Can you hang with them? What are your interests? At most colleges, you can find groups that center around any interest. You like movies? Join a film discussion groups. You like books? Join a book club. You like cooking? Take a few cooking classes.


I know it's hard finding friends. It's been hard for me since moving here a few years ago. But when you find friends that make you feel the way you do, it's definitely time to move on. You deserve better!!

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