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I met this great girl over the weekend who was very into me, but I think we're both a bit shy. It also came to my attention that she just got dumped a couple weeks ago and took it hard. This was at a college reunion, and we spent time together as part of a larger group on Fri & Sat. The situation never really allowed us to step aside and spend time alone though, and she lives in New Haven and I'm in NYC (2 hour drive). Do you think it's inappropriate to contact her if we never exhanged numbers or emails? I figured I could get that info from a mutual friend we have. Would it help to have my friend talk to her first so at least she'll have a heads up, rather than be surprised?


Also, should I suggest getting together soon, with my driving up or would that freak her out? I'm so at ease when I'm atracted to someone... but I'm clueless and become an idiot when I'm both attracted to & LIKE someone. Ugh, going crazy.

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