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I feel terrible.

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Well, my parents liked my boyfriend, the age gap wasn't a problem to them (I'm 30, and he's 20). They thought the tattoos were a bit of a bad thing, but they actually didn't mind the long hair or the weird (yer sexy) goatee he has. There is only one problem though. Jeff and I have sex quite often, usually 2-3 times a week, and they asked us not to have sex in their house.

While my parents were both working, we had sex in their bed.

I just feel like such a creep, having sex in my parents bed.

The sex itself was amazing, it always is, but the feeling of defiling my parents wishes, and trust made it horrible.

Should I tell them?

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No harm, no foul. Telling them will only bring you more problems, but the deeper issue here is your guilt. It's manifesting itself from some issue you haven't faced. In my opinion for someone at the age of 30 to be behaving as a teen is the genesis of this guilt. There must be a more mature way to erespect your parents and your self. Just a thought, yet don't put too much wieght on it.

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Not that big a deal, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It was definitely not a respectful thing to do on your part, but what they don't know won't hurt them and telling them will potentially open the door to some unnecessary problems. It's not that important. Just remember to be more considerate of your parents wishes in the future and make sure to keep your sex life out of their home.

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If they don't know about it it is like you haven't done it

Come on alone at home and wanting sex - who on earth would say no, no, we mustn't my parents said no - and in your thirties!

Try to explain to yourself this way: it was a deal when they are in the house (it sounds reasonable) but when they go out go for it.


Ups, I've seen know that you've done it on their bed. How about doing it on the sofa - parents bed is a little creepy place to have sex in.

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If the sex was so good when you had it in your parent's bed, why would you want to tell them.


I would do it again and see if the sex is even MORE better! Have fun, this life is WAAAY to short to get upset about having GREAT sex in your parent's bed.

Sounds exciting. I would love to do that too. I need to find a sex partner first, something I am working on now!

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I think that was pretty disrespectful on your part. I wouldn't want my unmarried child sleeping with someone in my house either, and if he/she had sex on my bed, I'd find that to be an incredible violation.


If you're going to go completely against your parents' wishes and have sex in their house, at least have the common courtesy to do it in your own room or on a floor or something. You're not a slave to your baser instincts - you have some control.

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